ASDFer - Shai'tan

ASDFer - Shai'tan, one of the most powerful ASDFers so far.

ASDFer is an archetype created by 1234cookie, based of his friends on ASDF forums. It was origionally only for member of the roleplay thread, "Quest for the Magical Cookie" but is now planned for expansion into other notable members such as moderators.

Most ASDFers are LIGHT attribute and Warrior-type, with the exception of ASDFer - Gamma, who is a Spellcaster.


ASDFer do not have too many cards specific to them at the moment. An ASDF deck would use lots of cards specific to one monster, like Teleportation or Aura Power.

Other InformationEdit

Other than ASDFers, there is also a JKL;er and a Chaotic Neutral, which are relied on for ASDFer - Shai'tan's effect.


Monster CardsEdit

ASDFer - Shai'tan

ASDFer - Gamma

ASDFer - Reathos

ASDFer - Sora

ASDFer - DownSpaghetti

ASDF Token

Magic CardsEdit

Trap CardsEdit

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