Accel Duel Counter
USA English: Accel Duel Counter
Creator: Kyu Renjo
Card Attribute: Trap Card Trap
Property: Continuous Continuous
Card Lore: Each time 1 "The Accel" monster is special summoned by the effect of "Accel Duel Stadium" OR each time 1 "The Guardian Accel" monster is summoned, put 1 Accel Counter on this card. Increase ATK and DEF of all face-up "The Accel" monsters by 100 points for each "Accel Counter" on this card. If this card is face-up on the field when "Accel Duel Stadium" is destroyed by a card effect, half the Life Points of the owner of the card that destroy "Accel Duel Stadium".
Description: An automatic machine to count Accel Counter on the Accel Duel Stadium. It was big, hugem and metallic.
Sets With This Card: The Real Duelist - TRD-001
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The Accel

Monster Cards

Adschy, The Accel Physician - Amfard, The Accel Connector - Chimozy, The Accel Dunker - Draze, The Accel Alchemist- Fenria, The Accel Singer -

Ilfaul, The Accel Shooter - Milvir, The Accel Natureman - Rendtr, The Accel Somplax - Snap, The Accel Detective - Fylair, The Accel Nomad

Hiln, The Accel Searcher - Sawnfia, The Accel Punisher - Z, The Accel Worldmaster - Accel Big Counter - Accel Counter

Fusion Monster Cards

Skrain, The Guardian Accel of Darkness - Purain, The Guardian Accel of Light - Firtia, The Guardian Accel of Earth -

Amsetin, The Guardian Accel of Wind - Hiln EX, The Guardian Accel of Fire - Sawnfia EX, The Guardian Accel of Water

Spell Cards

Accel Duel Stadium - Tribune Assist -

Friend Force - Hero of The Stadium - Secret Shield - Revival of The Battlers - Emergency Duel Stadium - Duel Bomber - Alchemy Blast -

Duo Team - Revival of The Alchemist - Duel Fusion

Trap Cards

Accel Duel Counter -

Surprising Accel Gift - Critical Point - Duel Card Remover - Duel Destruction - Accel Shift Change - Flash Armor - Battle Panels

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