RotLT 001 Destroyer Bell ScrtR Trap RotLT 002 Giant Lava C Mnstr RotLT 003 Grab Form C Spell RotLT 004 Space Eater C Mnstr RotLT 005 Quick Wits SprR Trap RotLT 006 Magician King UltraR Mnstr RotLT 007 Metal Robbers R Mnstr RotLT 008 Stick Shot C Trap RotLT 009 Fake Magician C Mnstr RotLT 010 Meltdown C Spell RotLT 011 Dreaming Evil R Magic RotLT 012 Grim Zombie SprR Mnstr RotLT 013 Evil Feline C Mnstr RotLT 014 Grim Feline Zombies R Fusion Mnstr RotLT 015 Girl and the Cats ScrtR Mnstr RotLT 016 Siamese Kittys R Mnstr RotLT 017 Cat Scratch C Trap RotLT 018 Bush Flytrap C Mnstr RotLT 019 Tree Spider R Mnstr RotLT 020 Heat Turtle C Mnstr RotLT 021 Flickering Flame C Spell RotLT 022 Erupting Volcano R Ritual Spell RotLT 023 Flaming Hawk SprR Ritual Monster

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