This is the second set from Sean d.k.... It contains real and fake (made up) cards and cards from the famous Rise of the God. Also subset "Man" cards, who work with "Macho Counters". Enjoy!


Hayato, the Deity of the Machines - ACP-000

Core of Elemental Power - ACP-001

Vortex Being - Zapower - ACP-002

Guardian Sphinx ACP-003

Void Zone - ACP-004

Dread Man - ACP-005

Sea Serpent of Death - ACP-006

Explosive Man - ACP-007

Meteor Shower - ACP-008

Sailor Man - ACP-009

Coping with Fire - ACP-010

Blade Man - ACP-011

Explosion - ACP-012

Deal Fairly! - ACP-013

Sickle Man - ACP-014

Master's Order - ACP-015

Flare Man - ACP-016

Idiot Man - ACP-017

Dragontooth Chaingun - ACP-018

Ancient Stone Tablet - ACP-019

Chaingun Man - ACP-020

Can't Cope with Fire! - ACP-021

Mad Man - ACP-022

Goku Shiken - ACP-023

Dragon Man - ACP-024

Muscle Man - ACP-025

The Muscledragon - ACP-026

The Mad Idiot - ACP-027

The Flaredragon - ACP-028

The Mad Sickle - ACP-029

The Dragonblade - ACP-030

The Sickleblade - ACP-031

The Muscle Exploder - ACP-032

The Idiot Dragon - ACP-033

The Sickledragon - ACP-034

The Muscle Idiot - ACP-035

The Mad Muscle - ACP-036

Macho Master! - ACP-037

The Idiotsickle - ACP-038

The Chaingunner XTra - ACP-039

Dread Mastery - ACP-040

New Intelligence - ACP-041

The Generation Arch - ACP-042

NextGen Man - ACP-043

Gold Mine - ACP-044

Dragontooth Chaingun Version 2 - ACP-045

Lost Guardian ACP-046

Megarock Dragon ACP-047

Open Fire! - ACP-048

Morph Jelly - Ritualo - ACP-049

Morph Jelly - Fusionis - ACP-050

Morph Jelly - Kamek - ACP-051

Pot of Misfortune - ACP-052

Age of the End - ACP-053

Justice Man - ACP-054


Capocaclysm - ACP-ESPN1

Energy Bomb - ACP-ESPN2

Code not to be Broken - ACP-ESPN3