• Introduction: "The war bewteen the Archlord and Archfiend, has reached the Chess of Destiny, and the ancient rulers of hell and heaven will join to the fight"
  • Features cards from a Spanish Fanfic in production called: "Duel or Doom"
  • Cover Cards are "Heaven Ruler Archlord" & "Infernal Ruler Archfiend".
  • Focus on new Archeotypes and Angel-type Cards: the Archlords and Table Knights.
    • The Table Knights, based on the Legens of The King Arthur, brings new power to Warrior type monsters, and breaking the rules of 3 card limit. Only "Table King-Arturius" and "Table knight-Bedivere The Just" are counted as limited cards.
    • We had the Archfiends, and now after know only one Archlord: "Archlord Zerato", the arrival of the withe pieces of the Chess of Destiny is a truth. And, as companions of the Archlords, the Archangels seen the ligth in this pack.
      Hopeking Archlord

      Hopeking Archlord

      Holyqueen Archlord

      "Holyqueen Archlord"

  • Introduction of new Archfiend, Hero cards.
  • Introduction of monster cards with two normal types like: "Hopeking Archlord" & "Angelical Priest"
Angels War
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
AGW-EN000 Heaven Ruler Archlord Secret Rare Effect Monster
AGW-EN001 Archlord Arthurius Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AGW-EN002 Virtuouspawn Archlord Common Effect Monster
AGW-EN003 Exrook Archlord Common Effect Monster
AGW-EN004 Lightknight Archlord Common Effect Monster
AGW-EN005 Brigthbishop Archlord Common Effect Monster
AGW-EN006 Holyqueen Archlord Rare Effect Monster
AGW-EN007 Hopeking Archlord Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AGW-EN008 Archlord of Eden Super Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN008 Lminous Archlord Super Rare Effect Monster
AGW-EN010 Avalon Rare Spell Field Card
AGW-EN011 Judgement of Archlord Common Spell Quick Play Card
AGW-EN012 Rasing up Common Spell Equip Card
AGW-EN013 Archlord Warrior Rare Normal monster
AGW-EN014 Avalon Vigilanthawk Common Effect Monster
AGW-EN015 White Archlord Dragon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
ATSR-EN016 Cyber Archlord Common Effect Monster

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