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Arisa is the female Evolution God (originally a female human) and true main antagonist and mastermind who was Samuel Nakaoka and Maki's true original form as well the resident of Ultra Space. She used the villains like Carol, Yubel, Don Thousand, Reginald, Lysandre and Zamasu, thus she successfully complete her plan in order to resurrect her. She even creates her servants like Zorc. She was the true creator of BEASTs as well the Sin-Evolut Dragons, Four Dimension Dragons and Four Dimension Natures.

According to Zarc, Arisa is the angry human who disrupts the natures of Zarc and Ray and punishes two of them by forcibly fuse them with herself into the ultimate Evolution God, thus abandoning her humanity.

After fusing with Samuel Nakaoka soul by Leona West who used the Ultimate Polymerization into new Samuel Nakaoka (Arisa), however, she does not forgive humanity who tries to save Nagisa. However, she with her incarnated form and their other half Maki Himekawa were slowly redeemed by an redeemed Parad and Leona though Samuel Nakaoka's memories was tainted by her.

As with they were slowly redeemed, Zuzu obtains the ultimate Numberon card that allows to restore to it's original state but Samuel Nakaoka did not allows that before his memories was fully recovered only found the shockingly reveals that Samuel Nakaoka the Second is the great-grandson of Acnologia and Lucy Heartfila, inherited from his great-grandmother's hatred of Queen Drakcel after she pressed the Blood of Disciple. As Samuel Nakaoka the Second decide have faith for his friends, Arisa finally decide to help him to summon her.

Near in the end of the last season, she along with Samuel Nakaoka and Maki were finally redeemed because Samuel Nakaoka finally saying "Special Time!".


Early LifeEdit

Brajira's Betrayal and Evolution GodEdit

Arisa's RageEdit

Zarc explains how Arisa come to the Original Dimension which is he saw Arisa is about to ressurrect herself.

The Ultimate FusionEdit

Because of Arisa's actions, she easily defeat both Zarc and Ray and fuse them forcibly by using the Ultimate Polymerization to become the ultimate Evolution God.

Incarnating Samuel Nakaoka and MakiEdit

Vs. VectorEdit

During the battle against Vector as Yuma and Astral were defused from the Dark ZEXAL, the shadowy Arisa appears in the purple mist, asking him to destroy everything.

Reginald's Murderous ActionsEdit

Kumon's RampageEdit

An shadowy Arisa reappears when Samuel Nakaoka used his huge amounts of anger to transforms into HeatBlaze Berserk. She was amused by Samuel Nakaoka used his intense anger.


Arisa first debut appeared as Samuel Nakaoka and Maki Himekawa were almost killed. This cause Samuel Nakaoka and Maki fusing into an incompleted form of Arisa and battle Kumon in his Lord Baron form.

Arisa consumes Samuel NakaokaEdit

While dueling with Zarc in Zuzu's body and traps Yuya and three counterparts, Samuel Nakaoka's heart beating and the shadowy Arisa manages to possess Zuzu Samuel while screaming in agony. With now become Zuzu-Arisa, she activates Monster Trap Control to forcibly controls Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes much to Zarc's shocks and Yuya's surprise that she has now control Supreme King Dragons. Zuzu-Arisa draws her blood by using Myusica and Odd-Eyes to Chaos Xyz Summon instead of normal Xyz Summon in order to create Myusica the Chaos Melodious Fantasy of Blazingrage. Zarc become horrified at Myusica's evil appearance and saw Zuzu-Arisa's dark aura, which is he remembers that she is the one who fuse he and Ray. In the time, she used her effect to destroy herself on both her and Zarc which the duel is a DRAW.

Samuel Nakaoka's Last ReachEdit

As with Parad were beaten violently, Samuel Nakaoka is about to become Arisa with the everyone were horribly at Samuel Nakaoka the Second become. Before becoming Arisa, Zebra used Sound Claw to revert back to normal.

Arisa Finally AppearsEdit

As Kumon and the others finds and fight against an fully corrupted Samuel Nakaoka, she told Kumon and the others that 

Arisa vs. Zarc and RayEdit

Arisa-Samuel head down to Zarc and Ray who joined forces to stop Arisa's rampages. Zarc asks Arisa that she sealed him and Ray, causing them to become distorted versions of themselves as Arisa blame them for fighting from the dimension in actions.

Arisa-Samuel vs. ReginaldEdit

As Arisa-Samuel merges with Zarc and Ray once again and metamorphose into a cocoon, an vengeful Reginald arrived at Ultimate Evolution God cocoon and attempt to kill him and her for destroying his Spirit Core. He was stopped by Arisa who using fusion of Samuel Nakaoka and Zuzu's body which she dueled him as an extremely enraged Reginald Barian Battlemorph into his Barian alter-ego Nash. Arisa mocks him that how is his flawed power which Reginald was now enrages even greater to tries to summon Abyss Supra Splash, but she activates the Trap Sin-Control Trap to steal Abyss Supra Splash and Special Summon an corrupted version of Chaos Number 73. Reginald increasingly enrages at Arisa who using the Numbers as tools and he forces to used Silent Honor DARK to tries to destroy the corrupted Number, but Arisa used Sangre Splash's effect to negate Honor DARK's attack if he does not have any Overlay Units. Reginald continues to attack on Sangre Splash with Honor DARK before Arisa used the Trap Card: Supreme Violent Slash to Special Summon an semi-corrupted Supreme King Z-ARC and destroys Silent Honor DARK. When an enraged Reginald summons CXyz Barian Hope by using six Chaos Number 10X after Peter and the others, Arisa tells him that Rio rejects him as a brother because of his Barian pride as Reginald angrily told her that Rio is never rejects him. Arisa mocks Reginald that he was a sore loser than Yuma (only confused and surprises). Before Reginald draw a card, Arisa shots Rio on her chest much to Peter and the others' shocks in horror. Infuriated about Arisa's dirty tricks, Reginald destroys his own Barian necklace and used Instant Rank-Up-Magic - Destroyed Barian to Rank-Up twice into Number C101: Silent Honor DARK Sins. Arisa became amused by Reginald's fury and he used DARK Sins' all Overlay Units to destroy many monsters, but Sangre Splash used his second effect to negate and forcibly end his turn.

Resurrection of Ultimate Evolution GodEdit

Due to Reginald's destruction by Arisa's dirty work, she drawns Reginald's blood to resurrects her when she enter the cocoon. Peter and the others saw the cocoon emerges which Kurama comments that Arisa has returned from her seal.

Arisa vs. Samuel Nakaoka's FriendsEdit

Samuel Nakaoka vs. ArisaEdit

Samuel Nakaoka's Real ReasonEdit

As for Zuzu finally defeat the corrupted Zarc, Ray and Maki, Arisa tries to use the Trap Card "Sin Over" to make automatically lose her duel, but she was punched by the summoned Evolution God S-AMUEL.

Arisa's "Defeats"Edit

As Samuel Nakaoka the Second summoned Evolution God S-AMUEL, he holds Arisa tightly in order to destroy both of them by telling Zuzu to do it much to her shocks. Despite hestitation, Zuzu summons Infinity Number: Evolution God M-AKI, Infinity Number: Supreme King Z-ARC and Infinity Number EX: Supreme Queen, Я-AY by using Legacy Myusica to decrease their ATK points, making total of zero. Arisa warns her incarnated form that she and him will be perished into nothingness as Samuel Nakaoka/Evolution God order her to destroy both Evolution Gods. Unwillingly to Samuel Nakaoka's orders, Zuzu used three Nobles' combined powers to Myusica thanks to Legacy Myusica's second effect to blast her along with her incarnated form, thus, Arisa was finally defeated by combined efforts of three Nobles. Her defeat that cause Samuel Nakaoka need to destroys Arisa's Spirit Core where she and Samuel will be no longer their existence. However, against Samuel Nakaoka's judgement, Leona used Ultimate Polymerization on Samuel Nakaoka and Arisa to fuse and seals she and Samuel Nakaoka into one. This reason that Leona doesn't want to erase Arisa and he wanting her to be as a friend.

Samuel Nakaoka's DecisionEdit

Dismay about changing back into original state where the Rider War event is happening, Samuel Nakaoka the Second who being fused with Arisa does not want them to change back because he wanting to stay and make peace with Main World and Anime World. Peter warned him that his original incarnated form is the enemy as well Samuel Nakaoka's former friends and tries to explains in order to understand. However, Samuel Nakaoka tries to tells them to forget the change back into the original state and stays in peacefully only Zuzu intercept his words. As the Numberon Beasts and the three Nobles combined into Numberon Card contains the ultimate card that allows to change or rewrite the future. Zuzu told Samuel Nakaoka that she used the ultimate card to permanently rewrite and restores the Rider War much to Samuel Nakaoka's shocks in horror. She also tell him that he and Arisa were responsible cause erasing the Rider War because Tsukasa realize it was a test, but Samuel Nakaoka does not accept her to use the ultimate card and he told her about saving Tsukasa from starting the Rider War. Zuzu, angrily told Samuel Nakaoka because he was no longer her and everyone's friend before Samuel Nakaoka decides to go in one-on-one duel. Zuzu accepted, but she warns Samuel Nakaoka that she going to use his deck in order to defeat him. Zuzu also tell him that if he lose the duel, she will erase him and Arisa as punishment though he agrees the deal. Zuzu tell him that if he used his newly powerful deck was ready, she will accept the duel. In the next day, Yuya, however, warns Samuel Nakaoka that she was inherited with his dueling skill perfectly because of LiNKED Swap. Declan told Samuel Nakaoka about his original identity if she want to control him again which she is going to destroy him. Yuya ask Samuel Nakaoka to learn how to conquer his anger.

Arisa-Samuel's Rampage on ReginaldEdit

When Reginald (Nash) tries to kill Kumon and Tsumiki who were badly injured, Samuel Nakaoka's anger much to his other half's shocks causes to become Arisa-Samuel and fight violently. Samuel Nakaoka has gone berserk just like the previous brutal fight against Reginald (Nash) and thrashes Reginald, causing gravely injures him despite Kumon and Tsumiki tries to stop him. As an rampaging Arisa-Samuel Nakaoka tries to kill Reginald who wanting to his revenge for killing Nagisa by struggles him, his memories begin to recover. This cause Arisa-Samuel Nakaoka unwillingly let Reginald go from struggling.

Arisa-Samuel vs. Reginald (Nash)Edit

Arisa's Not-Quite RedemptionEdit

The Shocking Truth of SamuelEdit

When Acnologia appears beside with Samuel Nakaoka and his friends by striking Queen Drakcel who possessed Nagisa's body, Acnologia reveals them that he is Samuel Nakaoka (Arisa)'s great-grandfather which they became shocked. Acnologia told his descendant about the truth of he and Queen Drakcel. He then revealed to Samuel Nakaoka that Drakcel coldly tortures Lucy Heartfila by pressing the Blood of Disciple. He told Samuel Nakaoka that his hatred of Reginald is the same hatred that Lucy was consumed by imperial anger which she tries to kill Drakcel which she inherit her descendant. Samuel Nakaoka became stunned in horror that his imperial hatred was inherited by his great-grandmother; Lucy Heartfila, the member of Fairy Guild that he first met thought to be a friend before his past is revealed. Samuel Nakaoka (Arisa) tearfully hugged his great-grandmother and Acnologia manage to calm him down. Samuel Nakaoka asked his ancestors why did they hide their secrets which Acnologia told him about Drakcel's lethal warning: To destroys all dragons as a hostage of Lucy Heartfila that if he tells everyone that Lucy was pregnant, Drakcel will murder Igneel and the others in order to become more powerful. In order to prevent Drakcel, Acnologia hunt Igneel and the dragons in order to save them by sending to Spiritual World much as Samuel and Natsu's surprise.

Asiga's True IdentityEdit

The Final Battle: Samuel Nakaoka and ArisaEdit

Samuel Nakaoka and Arisa Join ForcesEdit

In the middle of the duel against Drakcel, Arisa become confused at Samuel Nakaoka the Second about their blames.

Samuel Nakaoka and Arisa vs. ZuzuEdit

True Final Battle in the PastEdit

Arisa Finally RedemptionEdit

The Last JourneyEdit

Samuel Nakaoka and Arisa set off the journey who need to find the place that she and Samuel Nakaoka redeems their kindness. Samuel Nakaoka give his friends to the apology paper message to go to his final journey which greatly angers Saya for stealing food supply and her sword. Samuel Nakaoka's last words to his friends "Sayonara, All of the Worlds!" and runs off in order to prevent his friends from finding him. Samuel Nakaoka the Second will now say "Special Time!" in the final time.

Movie War FINALEdit

Arisa reappeared in the final time.


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