• Cover Card is "Zodiac Soul - Master of the Stars".
  • Focus on new subsets: the Zodiac Souls and Chess.
    • The effect of the "Zodiac Souls" activate when they are more "Zodiac Souls" in the Graveyard. They are based on the Star Zodiac signs.
    • We had the Archfiends, but compared to the Chess monsters, they are much less strategic. The Chess monsters may seem weak, but they are very strong if you are the strategic kind.
  • Introduction of "Story" cards.
    • Basically normal effect monsters, but Story monsters have a story line, and that makes them much more important...
Astral Stars
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ATSR-EN000 Zodiac Soul - Master of the Stars Secret Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN001 Zodiac Soul - Aries The Ram Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN002 Zodiac Soul - Taurus The Bull Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN003 Zodiac Soul - Gemini The Twins Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN004 Zodiac Soul - Cancer The Crab Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN005 Zodiac Soul - Leo The Lion Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN006 Zodiac Soul - Virgo The Seraph Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN007 Zodiac Soul - Libra The Scale Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN008 Zodiac Soul - Scorpio The Scorpion Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN009 Zodiac Soul - Sagittarius The Centaur Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN010 Zodiac Soul - Capricorn The Goat Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN011 Zodiac Soul - Aquarius The Water Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN012 Zodiac Soul - Pisces The Fish Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN013 Chess Piece - Pawn Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN014 Chess Piece - Rook Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN015 Chess Piece - Knight Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN016 Chess Piece - Bishop Common Effect Monster
ATSR-EN017 Chess Piece - Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN018 Chess Piece - King Secret Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN019 Bird of the Hurricane Secret Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN020 Construct of Destruction Secret Rare Effect Monster
ATSR-EN021 Destruct of Construction Secret Rare Story Monster
ATSR-EN022 Steelborg Inpachi Super Rare Story Monster
ATSR-EN023 Gagigo Gogiga Gagagigo Secret Rare Story Monster
ATSR-EN024 The True Flying Fish Secret Rare Story Monster
ATSR-EN025 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Ultimate Dragon Secret Rare Story Monster
ATSR-EN026 Astral Sun - Zodiac Soul's Palace Rare Spell Field Card
ATSR-EN027 Story Book Super Rare Spell Card
ATSR-EN028 Discovered Attack Rare Spell Card
ATSR-EN029 Check Rare Spell Card
ATSR-EN030 Checkmate Super Rare Spell Card
ATSR-EN031 Map Of Stars Super Rare Spell Card
ATSR-EN032 White Aries Rare Effect Monster

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