• Focus on stall cards, otherwise, just random cards.
  • New archtype you might have seen in the earlier Booster Packs, the Spell Dragons and the Trap Dragons.
  • Cover Card is "Anti-Monster Fragrance Dragon".
Binded Fate
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
BDFT-EN000 Anti-Monster Fragrance Dragon Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
BDFT-EN001 Blue-Eyes Defense Dragon Rare Normal Monster
BDFT-EN002 Nurmaal the Normal Monarch Super Rare Normal Monster
BDFT-EN003 Lightsworn Recruiter Gratuz Super Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN004 Gravity Bind Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN005 Skill Drain Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN006 Level Limit - Area B Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN007 Revealing Light Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN008 Axe of Des Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN009 Nightmare's Steel Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN010 Wave Motion Dragon Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN011 Light Bulb EXE Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN012 Light Guard Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN013 Angel of Order Super Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN014 The Evil Mafia Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN015 Holy Guardian Super Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN016 Fairy Helper Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN017 Rock Beast Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN018 Bird Summoner Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN019 Kakutasu Lizard Common Effect Monster
BDFT-EN020 Venomo - The Prince of Poisonous Snakes Super Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN021 Master of the Trap Super Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN022 Master of the Spell Super Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN023 Holy Creature Cryticus Super Rare Fusion Monster
BDFT-EN024 Synchronized Creature Cryticus Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
BDFT-EN025 Mirage Attack Common Spell Card
BDFT-EN026 Attack Shield Common Spell Card
BDFT-EN027 Dark Lightning Vortex Ultra Rare Spell Card
BDFT-EN028 Mass Brain Control Ultra Rare Spell Card
BDFT-EN029 Tornado Twister Super Rare Spell Card
BDFT-EN030 Trap Explosion Rare Spell Card
BDFT-EN031 Mohawk Trail Common Spell Card
BDFT-EN032 Anthem and March Common Spell Card
BDFT-EN033 As The Clock Strikes Common Spell Card
BDFT-EN034 Ruby Shield Common Trap Card
BDFT-EN035 Sapphire Shield Common Trap Card
BDFT-EN036 Cobalt Shield Common Trap Card
BDFT-EN037 Amber Shield Common Trap Card
BDFT-EN038 Diamond Shield Common Trap Card
BDFT-EN039 Obsidian Shield Common Trap Card
BDFT-EN040 Elemental Shield Ultra Rare Trap Card
BDFT-EN041 Wall of Diamond Super Rare Trap Card
BDFT-EN042 Staahel Rare Trap Card
BDFT-EN043 Elemental Swordsman Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN044 Impenetrable Guard Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN045 Doxxe, Master of the Guard Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN046 Paper Paladin Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN047 Paper Lord Knight Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN048 Paper Archmage Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN049 Paper Scholar Secret Rare Effect Monster
BDFT-EN050 Paper Pet Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster

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