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  • AdhdSummit
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  • SoulHunter0

    My yugioh fanon

    August 19, 2016 by SoulHunter0

    Hi all, I am trying to write a yugioh 5D's Fanfiction, I have a character who appears throughout the two seasons but turns out to be allied with Z-one and Aporia. But I can't think of a cool name to give him which is symbolic of his personality, which is all about sacrifice. Can you guys help me?

    Some background: he is male and 18, he has a bio-mechanical body and is a signer with the game exclusive signer mark which symbolises the dragons body and is the son of two signers.

    Thanks for your help

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  • Mr.jimbo54

    I need to buy a field spell card of yugioh the field spell card is called shadow realm how can you buy it ? from mr.jimbo54 a.k.a. jay sheppard

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  • Jairo 87

    Hello. i am new here im Jairo 87 and I Love create custom Cards and I need Imagen From new cards original made by you users from this wiki you can made the images and send her the imagens (but no the card only the imagen) and imagen from page made by my (Jairo 87) Without Image like Synchro-Xyz Warrior and Number 39: Destructor but it should be seen as imagen of kazuki takahashi like this one: The progam I use to amke custom card is Yugioh card make and TCGeditor and please give me some image to make custom cards and some ideas to some custom cards (is Monster effect, Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monster) even Spell or Trap cards. Please give Ideas (And yes im spanish and my english is Pretty Bad and I Hope you understand me.) and the imagen.. i…

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  • Anime2578

    Gimmick Puppet Deck

    April 19, 2015 by Anime2578


    3x Dreary Doll

    3x Magnet Doll

    2x Scissor Arms

    2x Humpty Dumpty

    2x Gear Changer

    2x Nightmare

    2x Shadow Feeler

    1x Twilight Joker

    1x Des Troy

    3x Gearspring Spirit

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  • Kurobina

    If get banned for this.

    August 21, 2014 by Kurobina

    If get for banned sticking up someone I feel was injusticed. Well then let it be so...

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  • Kurobina

    it's going to get wild

    August 18, 2014 by Kurobina

    Soon my first archtype exclusively for YCM will come.

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  • Aquawawi

    hi im aquawawi or just aqua and idk why i made an account for this wikia but i made it anyway.

    anway I started a YGO GX fanfic called "Indomitable Duelists " and I need OCs that are not slifer red or ra yellow students! (like blues or teachers etc)

    anytime theres a new chapter ill make a blog post and insert any cards I made there into the blog posts, as a sorta showcase and a personal way to keep track of it


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  • Samueljoo

    Samuel Doesn't Copy

    December 17, 2013 by Samueljoo

    I'm didn't copying it. I'm want to make new Yugioh cards. --Samueljoo (talk) 05:19, December 17, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Madame O'Front

    Hi, it's Solarius Balasar, an administrator of the Witch Fandom Wiki! Monster Girl2002 made this freaky fabulous wiki that's so great I want you guys to join! Here, you can make the witch (or wizard) OC of your dreams! Just click this link and I hope you'll have wickedly nice stay:

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  • KorintheKat

    Hello peeps!

    July 7, 2013 by KorintheKat

    Wassup? I'm new to this wiki, but i'm not to Yu-gi-oh (I've played for 6 years :P) 

    I am here mainly for Fanfic though my fanfic introduces some new cards which I may make into a booster pack. I hope I get to know everyone on here :)

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  • Jabutomaru

    YGO JM. story part 1

    September 5, 2012 by Jabutomaru

    NOTE: 4000 life points style. Dont Troll Around.

    Raito is walking on Neo domino city. Orginal, stubid day that is full of schoolwork. Fortunately, school is out today. "Today, i have felt weird feelings. They cannot be unnatural, but it has no logical conditions..." Raito thinking half-aloud. "Hey! ", "That's cool!" and " Finish him!" sound is just around the corner, and that scares bit Raito. He looks around the corner, and see monsters. But that isn't possiple! Two guys have something thing on their hand, (duel disk) and floating monsters and giant cards! (monsters= holograms, giant cards= face down)

    game progress:

    P1: HP 2300

    controlling: Expressroid DEF, Cyber dragon ATK, one face-down.

    P2: HP 3900

    controlling: Jinzo, 3 face-down

    P1: JINZO,…

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  • Jabutomaru

    My yugioh story

    September 4, 2012 by Jabutomaru

    I'm trying make new yugioh story, that is my first and last. I dont make other stories. If you like, its good thing but if you hate it its you broblem cause i didnt found other web pages that i can tell this. Story is old, but this time, i can make it different.

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  • KenyYgo

    New Method

    July 21, 2012 by KenyYgo

    As you may have noticed, from now on the cards that will create it with the image using the Magic Set Editor, for those who do not know is a very good program to create the cards, but you need to download.

    Do not use the Yugioh Card Maker because they can not do Xyz Monsters and use the internet.

    You can download below:

    Now returning to the subject, already created the monsters that will try to add an image to them, because I think better, more life to the card in my opinion, have an idea of how the card is.

    First monsters created for the archetype "Druid."

    Level 3
    ATK/DEF: 1200/1000
    Druid Amazon Coyuan
    This card gains 100 ATK for each "Druid" monster in your side of the field or…

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  • Never this again

    The start of a series of minor Duel fanfics, with no storyline attached for now, where the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal duel against various people, who each use the Archetypes that I've created with this wikia. The first Duel will be ' (Kaito Tenjo) dueling against an unknown duelist (referred to as "?" for now) who uses a "Mushgloom" deck. Some of the cards used in the Duel haven't been published yet, but will be made soon.

    Note: Name suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Turn 1 - Kite (Kaito)

    • Normal Summons "".

    Turn 2 - ?

    • Activates "Hallucination Forest".
    • Normal Summons "Mushgloom - Toadstool".
    • Activates Toadstool's effect: Special Summoning "Mushgloom - Blusher"
    • The effect of Blusher activates: Adding "Mushgloom - Green Amanita" from…

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  • Comet Knight

    What to do?

    June 6, 2012 by Comet Knight

    New objectives:

    • Post up the new erratas for A LOT of cards
    • Trim off the fat for a lot of Archetypes
    • Work on the Gunner/Blaster Archetype
    • Re-purpose the Aura Archetype
    • Try to actually balance the cards I make
    • Work on that mountain that is the character profiles

    --Comet Knight (talk) 20:16, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

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  • KenyYgo


    June 2, 2012 by KenyYgo

    I noticed that lately the YCM is more active and want to congratulate for this.

    Unfortunately lately I'm not much free time to create something new and update my articles, but whenever I'm always bringing something new. Soon I'll post chapter 3 of Yugioh Apokos, and fulfill my Sets.

    June News:

    • Yugioh Apokos - Chapter 003
    • Yugioh Apokos - Chapter 004
    • Yugioh Apokos - Chapter 005
    • Yugioh Apokos - Chapter 007

    • Keny Leurys
    • Adrian Javis
    • Dr. Rain
    • Teyllor Kaiba
    • Dr. Jeanlovis
    • Mauri Costan
    • John Wheeler
    • Kaike Muto

    • Dynasty
    • E.T. Alien
    • Ancient Magician
    • Aztec
    • Sorcer

    • Revolution of The Fabled
    • Structure Deck: Keny Leurys
    • Duel Revolution 001
    • Structure Deck: Adrian Javis
    • Swarm Revenge

    • Paleo
    • Magus
    • Dragus
    • Egyptian

    • Number 47: Chaos Magician
    • Number 61: Thanatos

    I hope YCM continues to grow even m…

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  • Mister.. E.

    This duel log is actually based on Chapter Three of my newest fanfiction: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Academy. This is the duel between Zorbel and Austyn.

    Zorbel vs Austyn

    Zorbel's turn.

    • Activates "Call of the Mummy", and Special Summons "Regenerating Mummy" (1800/1500) from his hand in Attack Position.
    • Normal Summons "Regenerating Mummy" (1800/1500) in Attack Position.
    • Sets two cards.

    Austyn's turn.

    • Normal Summons "Overlord Warrior" (2400/0) in Attack Position. Attacks "Regenerating Mummy".
      • Zorbel activates "Bottomless Trap Hole", which causes Austyn's "Overlord Warrior" to be removed from play.
    • Sets one card.

    Zorbel's turn.

    • Normal Summons "Royal Keeper" (1600/1700) in Attack Position. Attacks Austyn directly. (Austyn LP: 4000 ---> 2400)
      • Austyn activates "Drainin…
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  • KenyYgo

    Archetype Templates

    April 4, 2012 by KenyYgo

    Soon, I'll fix all my archetype, and will add the template for each archetype. By Sunday, everything is already arranged.

    I hope you enjoyed the first episode of "Yugioh Apokos", and I'm already working on the second. Any spelling error corrected, I thank you, why I use the google translator.

    Taking the opportunity to thank the user "Comet Knight", "YRPOtaku169" and "Taylor Gorrell", for helping with the "s" monsters in their effects, mistakes he had acted in concert. Thank you.

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  • Bakurayuri


    February 2, 2012 by Bakurayuri

    Today is a special day for me, so I decided to make a card which was never truly reveal in Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS, but it was mentioned instead. After 60 minutes of editing, collecting information and nice picture, and bursting my brain for a good and nice effect, 5 minutes of uploading, copy-paste the template for my article, I decided to post it, but only found that someone has already created the article, "Cosmic Blazar Dragon". Well, since he was the first, I thought myself it's okay, but when I look at his card, I felt angry and somehow not worth of losing the chance to post that card. It's because he only posted that single card, yes, only a single card he created and that card is sucks in my opinion. Largely because it look like a rip-off ins…

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  • Clara Grace Paulsen

    A little help...

    December 22, 2011 by Clara Grace Paulsen

    How do I change my Username? I really don't want to give out my real name, so please, call me Lyris unless you're 7th Grade and attend YALE Elementary School (hint: mascot and team is called (YALE) Bulldogs). Thank you!

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  • 6samRai

    "Lost" Cards

    November 21, 2011 by 6samRai

    This is my first blog post! Woot! However, this is, unfortunately, a sad one. I need to get something off my chest that had happened to me recently. Due to my carelessness, all four of my old decks; my Retro Spellcaster Deck, my Alien Deck, my Improved Dragon's Roar Deck, and my D.D. Deck, went missing. According to my friends, who took my card box to make up for my carelessness, they were "lost".

    I say "lost" with quotes because, I know better. If my card box full that housed 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks(the aforementioned 4 + my Six Samurai Deck), 1 Magic the Gathering Deck, 1 card sleeve of random assorted Pokemon cards, and several extra Yu-Gi-Oh! cards just so happened to have "fallen over and spilled all my cards out and the wind blew them all a…

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  • Novablade


    November 19, 2011 by Novablade

    You probably don't know of my "Dragonslayer" archetype, and if you don't, click this link --->Dragonslayer Anyway, I'm running out of ideas. Could any of you readers suggest some more names or effects? Thanks!

    Blacksworn 09:20, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

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  • CharChar235


    September 7, 2011 by CharChar235


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  • OverlordOfLanstar

    Card Journal

    August 10, 2011 by OverlordOfLanstar

    Day:001-Tuesday August 09,2011


    OK,This is my try at creating one of those updated blogs.

    I'm going to write what cards i'm going to post and other stuff like that.

    -Projects In Work-

    I am going to make an entire series of cards! Thats right.


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  • Blitz Zero

    Hey so I've been looking at a few cards here and most of them have unreadable effects (unless I read them under the card description). I really suggest to slim it down a bit. There should be a 7 line rule were the limit to how long an effect should be in the description is 7 lines. In TCG they would most likely not exceed that many lines so why not follow that rule. Also if 7 is not enough then 8 max. I've notice that their is a 2000 rule were 4 level cards should not exceed 2000 ATK or "Special Conditions had to apply to the monster to limit the card." Thats until gene-wrap came though but my point is this rule will limit outrages microscopic effects for cards.

    Heres an example of a card a user made(not me) This card should definetly tone …

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  • Yugiohuser4000

    I would like to know why you posted that card?

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  • Blankpage

    That is kinda broken at the same time it is pretty good for your opponent.

    A.The way this monster is summon it is broken cause that monster is like a level 6 and yet you didnt normal summon you could summon stardust dragon just like that.

    B.decks like quick draw deck is best when they mill out so yea i dont think you should go overbroad and make it 5 cards

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  • Bakasura


    January 9, 2011 by Bakasura

    Greek Goda

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  • Hoods uchiha14


    December 13, 2010 by Hoods uchiha14

    hey...I saw that the card you posted was a jpg. I tried to save a card from yugioh card maker and it was a bmp, I'd like to know if and how you changed yours.

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  • KZN

    Ragepost. Also needz moar dragons

    December 10, 2010 by KZN

    I'm surprised by the sheer diversity in the cards of this wiki.

    • Sky Dragon - Crepusclum is totally not Baka - Ruler of the Underworld which is totally different from King Holon - Zwak Dragon Forme and bears no relation to Zirnitra, The Black God of Sorcery. Or Blue-Eyes White Exodia, which is a little more similar.
    • Dark Night Dragon is completely different from Holon - Rotiart the Midnight Flight Dragon.
    • Kazar, the Molten Dragon clearly isn't Elemental Wing - Flar The Blaze
    • Summoner Dragon could not be more different from Dragon of Envoy - Chu Liang and Angel Dragon - Wings of Light, and Harias, the Heavenly Dragon too because wow.
    • Blazing Drago probably doesn't take after Crimson Dragon Archfiend.
    • Burning Shadow Dragon must be the polar opposit…
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  • WallyEXTREME

    card idea

    December 7, 2010 by WallyEXTREME
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  • Steriaca

    Simply put, I'll tell you what was going through my head when I created Goth Magician Girl, Goth Magical Fan, and Goth Mystical Parasol.

    Goth Magician Girl: Basicly, the ideal around her started when I had an image in my head of a sort of looking monster combined with the Elegent Gothic Lolita fashion style. Imagion a pale skined DMG with a more goth dress and sausage curls, and image wise, you got GMG. GMG also was the key monster of Ace Kard when I created the in my mind story Yu-Gi-Oh! G. She's a Normal Monster, Level 3, and 1300 ATK and DEF. I'll explain it all in a bit.

    She is a normal monster because most nobody thinks the main monster in a series should be a normal monster. Likewise the level 3. But Level 3 is perfect for a deck usin…

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  • CardMaker97

    Hey Guys! I'm CardMaker97 (or Alex in other words) and im here to to show you my first and, hopefully, my best series based around my favourite video game series - The Legend of Zelda. The cards I have made will be released in a series of booster packs, for example, The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time will have its own booster pack. Complete with its own set of cards covering just about every inch of the game... baring in mind that each inch can be transferred into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Currently, I have created two whole series of cards, the first I have titled Legend of Hyrule. Which includes cards based around Ocarina of Time. The second I have created is based around Majoras Mask, and is entitled Three Days Remaining, which I think m…

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  • Reimu-H

    Cards that are good

    September 3, 2010 by Reimu-H

    Unlike certain cards, you should make cards like the ones listed here.

    A Zombie version of Nephthys that doesn't suck. Also, more support for is always welcome.

    A more powerful version of Caius that manages to be balanced. Before someone says "IT REMOEVZ 2/3 OMG BORKEN!!!!!1", you need to lose a bunch of monsters to do so (inb4).

    How fancy beatsticks should be. Konami should learn from that.

    One of my favorite creations. Has good protection, can burn fast and is fairly weak stat-wise and near-useless for Synchro Summoning to compensate.




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  • Ser warjacksworth

    Worst. Format. In. A. While.

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  • UltimateWai


    August 18, 2010 by UltimateWai

    So I had a free half hour and there wasn't any shit to clean up nor drama queens to troll, so I made you this.

    Help:Creating Good Articles

    Hopefully, some newbie will stop, read that and not shit up the wikia-

    -nah, that'll never happen. Derp.

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  • Draugmoth

    I gotta say

    July 29, 2010 by Draugmoth

    That Voxx guy is going to be making all sorts of overpowered cards with spelling errors and stuff... -_- Well, can't expect everyone to be smart/educated. What to do.

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  • Reimu-H

    Fail Cards

    July 29, 2010 by Reimu-H

    Also known as: Don't make cards like this. Seriously.

    1. Bakugan sucks. 2. Just look at... This.

    Bad grammar is bad, and effect is random and does not support the Archetype it is from(You could argue free MST every turn is technically helping but it needs to be summoned by a specific card to do so and 1000 ATK/DEF is not lasting a turn.)

    lol 5000 ATK for 2 . I'm surprised the creator didn't put in JD's effect with it.

    GO GO GO DEBRIS DRAGON. Also stop trying to sound cool by using random japanese words. This card's name translates to "Idiot - Ruler of the Underworld". True story bro. UPDATE:THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE THIS BECOME BETTER. ALL HAIL THE STRONGEST


    lol Narutards.…

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  • Sunthiti Futem

    Next Neos

    July 18, 2010 by Sunthiti Futem
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  • HEROtype20

    Advert of Chaos

    July 6, 2010 by HEROtype20

    "Advert of Chaos" is the first mini booster pack created by HEROtype Industries . The series contains many new archtypes monsters and support spells in various areas of strategy. Followed by some similar cards with new effects, etc. "Advert of Chaos" is set to release some time in July and will be followed by the next set, "Departure of Justice".

    Set Specifications
    * Set Name: Advert of Chaos
    • Set Prefix: AOC
    • Release Date: July 2010
    • Legal for Local Events: Never
    • Legal for Premier Events: Never
    • Cover Card: Apocalypse, The Final Warrior
    • Sneak Preview Participant Card: Skyline Emperor Magnificent Dragon
    • 9 cards per pack, 30 packs per box.
    • Includes 35 cards.

    *AOC-EN000 Skyline Emperor Magnificent Dragon
    • AOC-EN001 Absolute Guardian of the Regiment
    • AOC-EN00…

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  • RBRC

    Techno Organic Dino-Dynamo

    June 22, 2010 by RBRC
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  • Mick13


    June 11, 2010 by Mick13

    Hi, you probably don't know me. I am Mick, & I joined this Wiki 8-29-08. I was only a casual Yu-Gi-Oh player who didn't know much about Yu-Gi-Oh and only came her to make Mario themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I'm also on Fantendo & started going there more & became inactive here. When I came here today I saw the new rule about no real characters on cards & that most of my cards were deleted. So I made this blog post to say I probably won't make another card here again, because I still don't know that much about Yu-Gi-Oh. Although the only person I really knew was Airblade86, & his last edit was in December 08...Anyway, there are no hard feelings, & I hope you didn't find this to be a waste of your time. =P

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  • Nick the king of games

    hey guys its me,Nick the king of games. I just wanted to let you know about my new cards. i will add a picture of one card that i made.

    Here it is

    Remember, im not a member of The YCM, so i made up a nickiname on the bottom right of the card. Remember to full-size the image.

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  • Chizuruotohime

    Card Gallery

    May 9, 2010 by Chizuruotohime

    Card Galleries are now usable in this wikia! Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk...kapish~? 13:45, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Bmkoller

    The pictures I put in my cards are either mine, my cousins, or photoshop pictures that my friend made.

    Don't say it's a copyright violation if you have no clue what you're doing.

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  • TheHitman


    March 31, 2010 by TheHitman

    Looks like YCM is going down the toilet. A good majority of stuff here can technically be possibly flagged as "copyrighted" in one sense or another. Who cares? It's called fair use, people. Every one of those cards qualifies as a parody under US copyright law and is therefore fair use. There is thus no need to delete all of them.


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  • Draugmoth

    December 28, 2009

    December 28, 2009 by Draugmoth

    Almost the new year.

    Having a lot of trouble with making cards. I'm trying to focus into making cards that would (theoretically) seriously help balance the metagame, which is my primary goal when I make cards. But a lot of the ones I'm coming up with are just random new archetypes that aren't going to change anything against a Vayu Turbo or Arcanite Cat.


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  • Devak Signer


    December 28, 2009 by Devak Signer

    how do you guys make a Dark Synchro look real.... i always use negative on synchros but the ones ive seen here look a million times better... how do you do it....

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  • UltimateWai


    December 18, 2009 by UltimateWai

    Testing out this blog thing.







    You suck and your cards suck, you are the cancer that is killing YCM.


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