Fire and Water put their best points together in the form of the 50 card Sructure Deck:- Burning ocean. With amazing new combos and cards such as the field spell card "Frozen Tsunami" and the "Prehistoric Frilled Shark" Fusion monster, this deck opens up a whole new world of opportunnity as the flames of the volcanoes and the frosts of the Ice Age join to form the ultimate beast of Frost and Flames. Includes 7 Foil cards including two Secret Rares, an Ultimate Rare, 3 Ultra Rares and a Super Rare. Also includes 2 Rares and 42 Common cards.

Boxart for Structure Deck-- Burning Ocean

Box Art


SDBO-EN000 - Frost and Flame Dragon (Secret Rare)

SDBO-EN001 - Prehistoric Frilled Shark (Ultimate Rare)

SDBO-EN002 - Bitelon (Ultra Rare)

SDBO-EN003 - Muka Muka (Ultra Rare)

SDBO-EN004 - Infernal Flame Emperor (Ultra Rare)

SDBO-EN005 - Warrior of Atlantis (Rare) x2

SDBO-EN006 - Crab Turtle x3

SDBO-EN007 - Piranha Army

SDBO-EN008 - Fox Fire

SDBO-EN009 - Giga Gagagigo x2

SDBO-EN010 - Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness

SDBO-EN011 - Torpedo Fish x3

SDBO-EN012 - Cannonball Spear Shellfish x3

SDBO-EN013 - Dragonic Knight

SDBO-EN014 - Little Chimera

SDBO-EN015 - Star Boy

SDBO-EN016 - Ultimate Baseball Kid x2

SDBO-EN017 - Frozen Tsunami (Super Rare)

SDBO-EN018 - Wetlands

SDBO-EN019 - Mystical Cards of light x3

SDBO-EN020 - Owner's Seal

SDBO-EN021 - Turle Oath x2

SDBO-EN022 - Ritual Foregone

SDBO-EN023 - Polymerization

SDBO-EN024 - A Legendary Ocean x2

SDBO-EN025 - Salvage x2

SDBO-EN026 - Umiiruka

SDBO-EN027 - Demise of the Land

SDBO-EN028 - Rising energy

SDBO-EN029 - Narrow Pass

SDBO-EN030 - Enraged Muka Muka

SDBO-EN031 - Earth Giant Gaia Plate

SDBO-EN032 - Desert Sunlight

SDBO-EN033 - Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

SDBO-EN034 - Light-Imprisoning Mirror

SDBO-EN035 - Great White (Secret Rare)