Burst Flame Overdrive Dragon
USA English Burst Flame Overdrive Dragon
Japan-flag Japanese バースト・フレイム・オーバードライブ・ドラゴン
Japan-flag Romaji Bāsuto Fureimu Ōbādoraibu Doragon
Creator Hawkatana
Attribute FIRE FIRE
Type(s) [ Dragon/Overdrive/Effect ]
Limit 4 LimitStarLimitStarLimitStarLimitStar
ATK/DEF 2500 / 2000
Lore 1 Driver monster + 1 Dragon monster
When this card destroys an opponent's monster in battle, it gains ATK equal to the battle difference between the destroyed monster's ATK or DEF (whichever is higher). If the destroyed monster is a Level 5 or higher Effect Monster, inflict damage equal to the amount of ATK gained by this effect.
Summon Chant "Avatar of raging infernos, mercilessly burn all within your way to cinders! Overdrive Summon! Limit... BREAK!!! Appear now! Limit 4! Burst Flame Overdrive Dragon!"
Attack name(s) Blazing Tempest
Effect name(s) ● Fiery Absorption
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