Catastropical is a archetype of EARTH, FIRE, WATER and WIND monsters based in the natural disasters created by CardMakerDoge.

Catastropical's Names

Each Catastropical monster have its name based on a combination between the name of a animal and a natural disaster. They are listed below:

Catastropical Natural Disaster Animal
Catastropical Cyclonevern Cyclone Wyvern
Catastropical Dragoruption Volcanic Eruption Dragon
Catastropical Floodfish Flood Fish
Catastropical Haildra Hail Hydra
Catastropical Sharknami Tsunami Shark
Catastropical Sinkmole Sinkhole Mole
Catastropical Stormbird Thunderstorm Thunderbird
Catastropical Wormquake Earthquake Earthworm
Catastropical Yetivalanche Avalanche Yeti