Choryo Sentai Overranger ((ちょう)(りょう)(せん)(たい)オーバーレンジャー Chōryō Sentai Ōbārenjā, lit. "Super Quantum Task Force Overranger") is an tokusatsu television show that exists in Taylor Gorrell's version of the Yu-Gi-Oh timeline. It is a member of the long-running Super Sentai franchise in stories that choose to reference it, making it a rare reference to an actual real-world series. In-universe, the cards of the "Super Quant" Archetype are directly based off of this show.

Synopsis Edit

Coming soon...



Initial TeamEdit

Color Role
Red Layer Ryotaro Chozetsu
Blue Layer TBA
Green Layer TBA

Later MembersEdit

Yellow Layer TBA
Pink Layer TBA
Metal Layer TBA
Rainbow Layer TBA
Over Layer Saiba Mirai



Dark Layer TBA


Transformation DevicesEdit

Multi-Person DevicesEdit


Individual Weapons and Team BlasterEdit

Mecha Edit

Episodes Edit

  • TBA

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