SD20-EN001 Nutcracker Admiral 

SD20-EN002 Nutcracker Soldier x2

SD20-EN003 Snowman Eater

SD20-EN004 Toy Soldier x2

SD20-EN005 Nutcracker Grenadier

SD20-EN006 Nutcracker Informant

SD20-EN007 Mystical Tree

SD20-EN008 Nutcracker Dutchess

SD20-EN009 Saint Nicholas

SD20-EN010 Reindeer Brigade

SD20-EN011 Nutcracker Sharpshooter

SD20-EN012 Nutcracker Medic x2

SD20-EN013 Nutcracker Pilot

SD20-EN014 Workshop Elf

SD20-EN015 Gingerbread Man x2

SD20-EN016 Stuffed Animal

SD20-EN017 Exiled Force

SD20-EN018 Box Jumper


SD20-EN019 Sleigh

SD20-EN020 Terraforming

SD20-EN021 Winter Wonderland

SD20-EN022 Reinforcement of the Army

SD20-EN023 Toy Train

SD20-EN024 Lighning Vortex

SD20-EN025 Toy Assembly Line

SD20-EN026 Mystery Gift

SD20-EN027 Toy Sack

SD20-EN028 Lightning Vortex

SD20-EN029 Toy Cannon

SD20-EN030 Mirror Force

SD20-EN031 Nut Tank X2

SD20-EN032 Call of the Haunted

SD20-EN033 Gingerbread House

SD20-EN034 Gift Card

SD20-EN035 Bad Reaction to Simochi

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