Court of the Allure Queen
Japan-flag Romaji Aryūru Kuīn no Kyūtei
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
Monster Cards that are equipped to an "Allure Queen" card are considered to be owned by the "Allure Queen"'s controller for the remainder of the Duel. The controller of an "Allure Queen" Monster Card gains the following effects:
  • Once per turn, during their Main Phase, they can remove an "Allure Queen" Monster Card from play to activate its effect to Special Summon the card written on its text.
  • The ATK of an "Allure Queen" Monster equipped with a Monster Card is increased by the equipped Monster's original ATK
  • No other Field Spell Cards may be activated while an "Allure Queen" Monster is face-up on the field.
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