Cyber-Tech Era - Edge of Future City
Creator Jazon_Maxuz
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Continuous Continuous
This card can only be activated, when you control either Cyber-Tech Era - Future City One, Future City Two or Dark Fusion City, by paying 500 Life Points.

Select one "Cyber-Tech" monster you control; increase the selected monster ATK and DEF by 400. While you control this card, the selected monster cannot be removed from play.

If the monster chosen by this effect is destroyed, destroy this card. If this card is destroyed, return the selected monster to your hand. If the Cyber-Tech Era - Future City One, Future City Two or Dark Fusion City you control is destroyed, remove this card from play and destroy the selected monster.

Description The border of Future City, a few towers connected by bridges (possibly concealing some sort of defensive weaponry) and a forest shown in the background.
Sets Era of the Cyber-Tech - EC-T - CT033
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"Cyber-Tech" are Machine-Type monsters with varying abilities. More prominent in the Booster Pack "Dawn of the Cyber-Tech Era" is their Advanced Forms, a stronger version of a monster with slightly more powerful effects.

Era of the Cyber-Tech


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Cyber-Tech FlameBot - Cyber-Tech FlameMan - Cyber-Tech FlameMan Unmasked

Cyber-Tech Full Cyborg Solider - Cyber-Tech Future City Guard - Cyber-Tech G.A.A.W Tank

Cyber-Tech Jackal CyberHunter - Cyber-Tech JetSpeeder - Cyber-Tech Modern Android

Cyber-Tech Nuclear Solider - Cyber-Tech Renegade Commando - Damage Booster

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Cyber-Tech BattleCruizer - Cyber-Tech Future City PyroGuard

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