Cyber-Tech Era - Future City One
Creator Jazon_Maxuz
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
Increase the ATK of all "Cyber-Tech" monsters on your side of the field by 500. If an attacking monster has higher ATK than a "Cyber-Tech" monster on your side of the field, increase ATK by 1000 instead during the battle phase only.

If this card is removed from the field by a spell or trap effect, the opponent takes 1000 Points as Direct Damage + 300 x the number of "Cyber-Tech" monsters on your side of the field.

Pay 500 Life Points to keep this card in play every End Phase (this is not optional) or destroy this card.

Description A futuristic city, full with tall buildings, cars without wheels that fly in the air as well as a few roads in the distance for those who still have "normal" cars.
Sets Era of the Cyber-Tech - EC-T - CT029
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"Cyber-Tech" are Machine-Type monsters with varying abilities. More prominent in the Booster Pack "Dawn of the Cyber-Tech Era" is their Advanced Forms, a stronger version of a monster with slightly more powerful effects.

Era of the Cyber-Tech


Blaize FlameMan

Cyber-Tech Ancient Hunter-Killer - Cyber-Tech Android Commando - Cyber-Tech Android CyberHunter

Cyber-Tech Assault Unit - Cyber-Tech CyberHunter - Cyber-Tech Cyber Android

Cyber-Tech Cyber Assassin - Cyber-Tech Cyborg -Cyber-Tech E-SpaceJet

Cyber-Tech FlameBot - Cyber-Tech FlameMan - Cyber-Tech FlameMan Unmasked

Cyber-Tech Full Cyborg Solider - Cyber-Tech Future City Guard - Cyber-Tech G.A.A.W Tank

Cyber-Tech Jackal CyberHunter - Cyber-Tech JetSpeeder - Cyber-Tech Modern Android

Cyber-Tech Nuclear Solider - Cyber-Tech Renegade Commando - Damage Booster

Advanced Monsters

Advanced CyberHunter - Advanced E-SpaceJet - Advanced G.A.A.W Tank - Advanced Stealth Unit

Cyber-Tech BattleCruizer - Cyber-Tech Future City PyroGuard

Supporting Spell and Trap Cards

BlaizeArmor Release - C-Tech Science - True Protector - C-Tech Enhancement - Piercer Arm

C-Tech Weapon - Fusion Blaster - C-Tech Weapon - Magic Buster - C-Tech Weapon - Renegade Blaster

Cyber-Tech Era - Edge of Future City - Cyber-Tech Era - Future City One - Defensive Crush

Machine Type: 100% Repairs - Machine Type: Advance Reconstruction - Machine Type: Alpha-Construct

Payback in Cyber - Restructured Armor - Shield Hologram - Super-Charged Attack