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This pack focuses on the introduction of two new Archetypes, Cyberlight and Cyberoblivion. These are the new additions to the Cyber Style. Cyberlight is the counterpart to the Cyber monsters i.e. Cyberlight Dragon is the counterpart of Cyber Dragon, while Cyberoblivion Dragon is the counterpart to Cyberdark Dragon even though it isn't a fusion monster itself. So that's the basic idea of this pack, so read on and enjoy these two, powerful new Cyber families.

  • Focus on the Cyberlight and Cyberoblivion Archetypes and their support.
  • Introduces two new archtypes called Cyberlight and Cyberoblivion.
  • Cover Card is”Cyberarmageddon Disastragon ".
  • Features 25 Monsters (5 Fusion, 15 Effect, 1 Ritual, 4 Normal), 8 Spells (1 Field, 2 Quick-Play, 1 Equip, 1 Ritual, 3 Normal), 12 Traps (4 Counter, 1 Continuous, 7 Normal)
Cyberlight Burst Impact
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CBI-EN000 Cyberoblivion End Dragon Ultimate Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CBI-EN001 Cyberlight Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN002 Cyberlight End Dragon Secret Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CBI-EN003 Proto-Cyberlight Dragon Common Effect Monster
CBI-EN004 Cyberarmageddon Disastragon Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CBI-EN005 Proto-Cyberoblivion Dragon Common Effect Monster
CBI-EN006 Cyberlight Tiger Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN007 Cyberoblivion Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN008 Cyberoblivion Twin Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN009 Cyberlight Wyvern Common Effect Monster
CBI-EN010 Cyberlight Twin Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
CBI-EN011 Cyberlight Sparrow Common Effect Monster
CBI-EN012 Cyberoblivion Spider Ultra Rare Normal Monster
CBI-EN013 Cyberoblivion Vulture Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN014 Cyberlight Orchid Common Normal Monster
CBI -EN015 Cybercreation GodDragon Ultra Rare Ritual/Effect Monster
CBI-EN016 Cyberoblivion Lion Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN017 Cyberlight Tyranno Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN018 Cyberoblivion Viper Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN019 Cyberoblivion Stego Common Normal Monster
CBI-EN020 Cyberlight Velociraptor Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN021 Cyberoblivion Eagle Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN022 Cyberlight Hawk Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN023 Cyberoblivion Shark Super Rare Effect Monster
CBI-EN024 Cyberoblivion Hound Rare Normal Monster
CBI-EN025 Gate to the Cyber Chamber Common Quick-Play Spell
CBI-EN026 Cyber Chamber Super Rare Field Spell
CBI-EN027 Trident Laser Modification Super Rare Equip Spell
CBI-EN028 Cyberoblivion Typhoon Common Quick-Play Spell
CBI-EN029 Cyberlight Burstblaze Common Normal Spell
CBI-EN030 Cyberoblivion Roar Rare Normal Spell
CBI-EN031 Awakening of the Creation Machine Super Rare Ritual Spell
CBI-EN032 Light and Dark as One Super Rare Counter Trap
CBI-EN033 Cyber Modifiacton Factory Rare Continuous Trap
CBI-EN034 Machine Disassembled Rare Counter Trap
CBI-EN035 Cyber Rebirth Common Normal Trap
CBI-EN036 Machine Reassembled Super Rare Normal Trap
CBI-EN037 Cyberlight Shield Common Counter Trap
CBI-EN038 Cyberoblivion Destruction Secret Rare Normal Trap
CBI-EN039 Pierce Cannon Modification Super Rare Normal Trap
CBI-EN040 Sniper Modification Super Rare Normal Trap
CBI-EN041 Cyberlight Sacrifice Common Counter Trap
CBI-EN042 Equip of the Equip Common Normal Trap
CBI-EN043 Grand Explosion Rare Normal Trap
CBI-EN044 Cyber Malfunction Secret Rare Normal Spell
CBI-EN045 The Spark of a Machine Secret Rare Normal Trap

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