• Cover card: "Sardonic Bird"
  • Focus on WIND monsters.
  • Introduction of Tuners and Synchro monsters.
Cynical Wind
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CNWD-EN000 Sardonic Bird Secret Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN001 Dizzy Bird Common Normal Monster
CNWD-EN002 Thunderbird Common Normal Monster
CNWD-EN003 Storm Tuner Common Tuner Monster
CNWD-EN004 Tuner Owl Common Tuner Monster
CNWD-EN005 Nin-Ken Tuner Dog Common Tuner Monster
CNWD-EN006 Junk Bird Common Tuner Monster
CNWD-EN007 Wind Slicer Common Effect Monster
CNWD-EN008 Dragon of Winds Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN009 Storm Summoner Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN010 Sarcastic Phoenix Super Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN011 Batteryman Supercharger Rare Union Monster
CNWD-EN012 Batteryman - The Original Type Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN013 Wind Warrior Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN014 Storm Magician Super Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN015 Tornado Creature Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN016 The Sixteenth Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN017 Paper Eagle Common Effect Monster
CNWD-EN018 Forgotten Eaglestone - Storm Construct Common Effect Monster
CNWD-EN019 Wind Appariation Common Effect Monster
CNWD-EN020 The Twentith Super Rare Effect Monster
CNWD-EN021 Storm Paladin Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
CNWD-EN022 Junk Storm Warrior Ultra Rare Synchro Card
CNWD-EN023 Storm Draw Super Rare Spell Card
CNWD-EN024 Advanced Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi Rare Spell Card
CNWD-EN025 Sacred Phoenix Wind Wing Blast Super Rare Trap Card
CNWD-EN026 Cynical Wind Secret Rare Trap Card
CNWD-EN027 Blader, the Ultimate D. Slayer Ultra Rare Fusion Monster

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