Dark Counterparts of Destrcution (DCOD) is the 1st booster pack released by DaveyG 1986 The Dark Counterparts set carries on the idea brought in in the Phanton Darkness set. Creating Dark Versions of classic and well known and loved cards, and this set brings new monsters, spells and trap cards to that style.

None of the cards have been uploaded yet, and are still being written, so check back soon for New Cards.

Set Specifications



Set Name: Dark Counterparts of Destruction
Set Order: DG001
Realease Date: Unknown


1 Ghost Rare

5 Secret Rare

5 Ultra Rare

6 Super Rare

10 Rare

25 Common


27 Monster Cards

14 Magic

11 Traps

Dark Counterparts of Destruction
(TCG - Europe)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
DCOD-EN000 Dark Cyber Dragon Secret Rare / Ghost Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN001 Gemini Dark Elf Common Gemini Monster
DCOD-EN002 Dark Magician of Faith Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN003 Dark Cyber Prima Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN004 Shadowshield Gardna Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN005 Celtic Dark Guard Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN006 Dark Angel 07 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN007 Dark Luster Soldier Secret Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN008 Dark Thunder T-45 Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN009 The Dark Calculator Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN010 Dark Command Magician Super Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN011 Dark Cyber Twin Dragon Super Rare Fusion Monster
DCOD-EN012 Dark Cyber End Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
DCOD-EN013 Dark Emes Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN014 Gearfried the Dark Knight Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN015 Dark Gadget - Green Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN016 Dark Gadget - Yellow Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN017 Dark Gadget - Red Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN018 Dark Gadget Fortress Super Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN019 Dark Sphinx Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN020 Dark Gire Panda Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN021 Dark Zolga Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN022 Dark Reflect Bounder Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN023 Dark Rocket Warrior Common Effect Monster
DCOD-EN024 Dark Silent Swordsman Secret Rare Effect Monster
DCOD-EN025 Dark Sonic Duck Common Normal Monster
DCOD-EN026 Dark Pot of Greed Common Normal Spell
DCOD-EN027 Dark Void Super Rare Field Spell
DCOD-EN028 Dark Chest of Sealing Ultra Rare Quick Play Spell
DCOD-EN029 Dark Summoning Ritual Common Ritual Spell
DCOD-EN030 Dark Arts Common Normal Spell
DCOD-EN031 Dark Shuffler Rare Continuous Spell
DCOD-EN032 Dark Vortex Common Normal Spell
DCOD-EN033 Dark Rebirth Common Normal Spell
DCOD-EN034 Dark Swords of Restrict Common Normal Spell
DCOD-EN035 Dark Castle Rare Continuous Spell
DCOD-EN036 Dark Armor Common Equip Spell
DCOD-EN037 Kiss of Death Common Quick Play Spell
DCOD-EN038 [[]] Common Spell
DCOD-EN039 Power Balance Secret Rare Normal Spell
DCOD-EN040 Dark Revival Rare Continuous Trap
DCOD-EN041 [[]] Common Trap
DCOD-EN042 [[]] Common Trap
DCOD-EN043 Wicked Tokens of Cowardice Rare Counter Trap
DCOD-EN044 Chasm of Lost Souls Super Rare Continuous Trap
DCOD-EN045 Seal of Darkness Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
DCOD-EN046 [[]] Common Trap
DCOD-EN047 Dark Barrier Super Rare Counter Trap
DCOD-EN048 [[]] Common Trap
DCOD-EN049 [[]] Common Trap
DCOD-EN050 Convulsion of the Wicked Secret Rare Continuous Trap

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