Enter the Data Stream

"Feel the power of an all new force - The Data-Monsters"

Includes a new monster-type: Data

This is a deck created by Jazon_Maxuz and consists mostly of a new monster-type, Data, meant to somewhat help to counter Machine-Type Monsters.

On a personal note, this deck didn't exactly turn out they way i wanted to, mostly due to a lack of good ideas. If anyone has any suggestions on how i could improve on this deck ,the please leave a message on the discussion page with your ideas.

Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Data Stream
  • Set ID: D-S
  • Cover Card: Stream Hacker
  • Includes 50 cards created so far (might be more eventually):
    • By Types
      • 28 Monsters
        • 3 Normal
        • 10 Effects
        • 0 Gemini
        • 2 Union
        • 2 Tuners (1 Dark Tuner)
        • 7 Synchro (2 Dark Synchro Monsters)
        • 2 Ritual
        • 2 Fusions
      • 11 Spells
        • 2 Normals
        • 3 Equip
        • 3 Quick-Plays
        • 1 Fields
        • 1 Continuous
        • 1 Ritual
      • 11 Traps
        • 3 Normal
        • 3 Continuous
        • 5 Counter
Data Stream
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Category
D-S01 Stream Hacker Synchro Monster
D-S02 Stream Analyzer Tuner Monster
D-S03 Data Grid Spell Card
D-S04 Grid Analyzer Dark Tuner Monster
D-S05 Data Corruption Trap Card
D-S06 Grid Shield Effect Monster
D-S07 Automatic Grid Barrier Spell Card
D-S08 Stream Grid Analyzer Fusion Monster
D-S09 Stream Guard Normal Monster
D-S10 Stream Extension Trap Card
D-S11 Grid Hacker Dark Synchro Monster
D-S12 Data Conversion Spell Card
D-S13 Stream Solider Effect Monster
D-S14 Stream Commander Synchro Monster
D-S15 Stream Cannon Effect Monster
D-S16 R.C.D. Alpha Effect Monster
D-S17 Attack Data-Bug Trap Card
D-S18 Data Scanner Spell Card
D-S19 Stream Booster Effect Monster
D-S20 Revenge Barrier Trap Card
D-S21 Flash Scanner Spell Card
D-S22 R.F.C Micro-Access Effect Monster
D-S23 R.F.C Beta Effect Monster
D-S24 R.F.C Omega Synchro Monster
D-S25 Firewall Breaker Spell Card
D-S26 Data Burst Spell Card
D-S27 Infusion of Data Trap Card
D-S28 Virus Burner Trap Card
D-S29 Macro Creator Effect Monster
D-S30 Macro Reverser Effect Monster
D-S31 Macro Generator Synchro Monster
D-S32 Dark Macro Generator Dark Synchro Monster
D-S33 Mind of the Hacker Trap Card
D-S34 Irreplacable Data Spell Card
D-S35 Target Jammer Effect Monster
D-S36 Data Code Scrambler Trap Card
D-S37 Data Weapon Spell Card
D-S38 Data Energy Spell Card
D-S39 Positon Ritual Monster
D-S40 Negaton Ritual Monster
D-S41 Data Stream Firewall Normal Monster
D-S42 Data Stream Virus-Buster Normal Monster
D-S43 Data Stream Guardian Fusion Monster
D-S44 Armor Corrosion Trap Card
D-S45 Calculated Defense Trap Card
D-S46 Data Sweeper Effect Monster
D-S47 Speed Spell - Focus Shift Spell Card
D-S48 Data Stream Controller Effect Monster
D-S49 Signal Booster Trap Card
D-S50 Data Stream Master Synchro Monster

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