This is the expansion (booster pack really, but expansion sounds a lot better to me) of the "Era of the Cyber-Tech" deck, containing new monsters wich gives birth to a lot of new strategies, new cards will be added in due time.

Some of the cards also made for this booster pack will enhance upon Cyber-Tech Era - Future City One, as well as improving the player's ability to summon "Cyber-Tech Advanced" monsters, and also to get Cyber-Tech monsters back to the field from the graveyard.

This Booster also includes a vareity of Union monsters known as "Advanced Machine Type", with generally low ATK and DEF but can be special summoned to the field from your hand or deck, although only equippable to "Cyber-Tech Advanced" monsters.

Card Amount: Yet to be determined, but so far this seems to turn out to be a 75- card booster pack, i keep coming up with new ideas for cards.

Dawn of the Cyber-Tech Era
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Category
DC-TE - DE001 Cyber-Tech Advanced Android Commando Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE002 Cyber-Tech Era - Future City Two Spell Card
DC-TE - DE003 Cyber-Tech Era - Dark Fusion City Spell Card
DC-TE - DE004 Cyber-Tech Era - Future City Speedway Spell Card
DC-TE - DE005 Cyber-Tech Nightmare Machine Factory Dark Tuner Monster
DC-TE - DE006 Cyber-Tech Nightmare Gunner Dark Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE007 C-Tech Weapon - Photon Ray Rifle Spell Card
DC-TE - DE008 Cyber-Tech Ancient Protector Ritual Monster
DC-TE - DE009 Machine Type: Advance De-construction Spell Card
DC-TE - DE010 Advanced Machine Type: ElectroSphere Union Monster
DC-TE - DE011 Advanced Machine Type: Nightmare Armor Union Monster
DC-TE - DE012 Advanced Machine Type: MagnaShield Union Monster
DC-TE - DE013 Cyber-Tech Guardian of Future City Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE014 Cyber-Tech Renegade CyberHunter Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE015 C-Tech Science - Energy Materia Gate Spell Card
DC-TE - DE016 Cyber-Tech Flame Commander Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE017 Cyber-Tech Ultra CyberHunter Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE018 Cyber-Tech Renegade Brute Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE019 Cyber-Tech Advanced Cyber Assassin Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE020 C-Tech Weapon - Fire Shot Spell Card
DC-TE - DE021 Cyber-Tech Nightmare CyberAssassin Dark Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE022 Cyber-Tech Nightmare Destroyer Dark Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE023 Cyber-Tech Nightmare Assault Gunner Dark Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE024 Spare Construction Parts Trap Card
DC-TE - DE025 Cyber-Tech Field Scout Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE026 Cyber-Tech Advanced Cyborg Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE027 Omega Machine Type: Omega Core Spell Card
DC-TE - DE028 Cyber-Tech Omega StealthCommando Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE029 Cyber-Tech Frenzy Commando Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE030 C-Tech Weapon - Frenzy Turret Spell Card
DC-TE - DE031 Cyber-Tech Assassinator Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE032 C-Tech Enhancement - Cyber Shield Trap Card
DC-TE - DE033 Cyber Recharge Unit Spell Card
DC-TE - DE034 Cyber-Tech Female CyberHunter Normal Monster
DC-TE - DE035 Cyber-Tech MegaHunter Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE036 Emergency Repair! Trap Card
DC-TE - DE037 Cyber-Tech LandAssault Unit Normal Monster
DC-TE - DE038 Rogue Cyber-Tech Unit Trap Card
DC-TE - DE039 Advanced Machine Type: Water Desintegrator Union Monster
DC-TE - DE040 Advanced Machine Type: SwordBreaker Union Monster
DC-TE - DE041 Cyber-Tech AirAssault Unit Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE042 Machine Type: Advanced Replacement Spell Card
DC-TE - DE043 Cyber-Tech SeaAssault Unit Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE044 Cyber-Tech Amphibious Assault Unit Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE045 Cyber-Tech StealthStriker Assault Unit Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE046 Cyber-Tech Skydiver Assault Unit Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE047 Cyber-Tech Planetary Guardian Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE048 C-Tech Science - Galactic Conquerer Arise! Trap Card
DC-TE - DE049 Cyber-Tech Omega StealthHunter Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE050 Cyber-Tech Advanced FlameBot Effect Monster
DC-TE - DE051 Advanced Combat Protocol Trap Card
DC-TE - DE052 Machine Type: Replacement A.I. Spell Card
DC-TE - DE053 Cyber-Tech Hunter-Killer Commando Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE054 Cyber-Tech Omega CyberFlame Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE055 Secret Destruction Bomb Trap Card
DC-TE - DE056 C-Tech Weapon - MiniGrenade Bomber Spell Card
DC-TE - DE057 Advanced Fusion Type: DarkStar Union Monster
DC-TE - DE058 Advanced Machine Type: PyroBlade Union Monster
DC-TE - DE059 Cyber-Tech Ancient Protector V2 Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE060 System Blackout Trap Card
DC-TE - DE061 C-Tech Weapon - Energy Eraser Spell Card
DC-TE - DE062 Cyber-Tech Galactic Conquerer Ritual Monster
DC-TE - DE063 Cyber-Tech Galaxy ControlCentre Dark Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE064 Cyber-Tech Galactic Protector Synchro Monster
DC-TE - DE065 Omega Machine Type: OmegaMorph Spell Card
DC-TE - DE066 Reactor Spark Trap Card
DC-TE - DE067 Cyber-Tech E-SpaceMach Bomber Fusion Monster
DC-TE - DE068 Malfunction Trap Card
DC-TE - DE069 Tracker Bolt Trap Card
DC-TE - DE070 Nightmare Guard Trap Card
DC-TE - DE071 Nightmare Mist Trap Card
DC-TE - DE072 Rampaging Nightmare Trap Card
DC-TE - DE073 Nightmare Revisited Trap Card
DC-TE - DE074 Machine Re-Creation Trap Card
DC-TE - DE075 Unison Strength Trap Card

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