A structure deck based around the newly emerging strategy of using Fish-Type monsters, as seen in cards such as "Golden Flying Fish" and "Fish Depth Charge". Main strategy is to Tribute Fish-Type monsters to destroy cards.


Fish are getting a helping fin from the new structure deck, Deadly Catch. Control schools of warring ichthyoids to charge against your opponent's cards. Leave them helpless with "Superancient Deepsea Coelacanth" and "Golden Flying Fish"! New cards include "Puffgoldfish", "Magic Sturgeon", and "Big Shoal".

Spoiler Card List

SDDC-EN001 Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth - UR

SDDC-EN002 Unshaven Angler - C

SDDC-EN003 Unshaven Angler - C

SDDC-EN004 Oyster Meister - C

SDDC-EN005 Oyster Meister - C

SDDC-EN006 Oyster Meister - C

SDDC-EN007 Golden Flying Fish - C

SDDC-EN008 Golden Flying Fish - C

SDDC-EN009 Great White Remora - C

SDDC-EN010 7 Colored Fish - C

SDDC-EN011 7 Colored Fish - C

SDDC-EN012 Ocean's Keeper - C

SDDC-EN013 Ocean's Keeper - C

SDDC-EN014 Thousand Eyes Jellyfish - R

SDDC-EN015 Puffgoldfish - C

SDDC-EN016 Puffgoldfish - C

SDDC-EN017 Piranha Army - C

SDDC-EN018 Deepsea Macrotrema - R

SDDC-EN019 Creeping Doom Manta - C

SDDC-EN020 Marauding Fish - C

SDDC-EN021 Mother Grizzly - C

SDDC-EN022 Mother Grizzly - C

SDDC-EN023 Dogfish - C

SDDC-EN024 Dogfish - C

SDDC-EN025 Magic Sturgeon - SR

SDDC-EN026 Fish Depth Charge - C

SDDC-EN027 Fish Depth Charge - C

SDDC-EN028 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi - C

SDDC-EN029 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi - C

SDDC-EN030 Water Purification - C

SDDC-EN031 Umiiruka - C

SDDC-EN032 Pot of Avarice - C

SDDC-EN033 Mystical Space Typhoon - C

SDDC-EN034 Salvage - C

SDDC-EN035 Salvage - C

SDDC-EN036 Reload - C

SDDC-EN037 Michizure - C

SDDC-EN038 Michizure - C

SDDC-EN039 Big Wave Small Wave - C

SDDC-EN040 Big Shoal - C

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