Defender's Element Blade
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Equip Equip
This card can only be equipped to a Golem Defender monster. When this card is activated, choose one of the following effects to use:
  • When the monster equipped with this card attacks your opponent directly, Summon one "Minor Golem Token" (Earth/Rock/0 ATK/0 DEF). The "Minor Golem Token" can only be tributed for a Tribute Summon of an Earth-Attribute monster.
  • When the monster equipped with this card attacks an Earth-Attribute Monster, destroy that monster before damage calculation.

When this card would be destroyed by the Special Summoning effect of a Golem Defender, it is instead equipped to the Special Summoned monster.

Description The strength of wood is added to the strength of the Golem.
Sets N/A
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