DenKamen Sword
Card den-o9
USA English: DenKamen Sword
Creator: Dark_One
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Equip Equip
Card Lore: This card can only equip to "Den-O [Plat Form]" or "Den-O [Liner Form]". If equipped with "Den-O [Liner Form]", During your standby phase, choose one of these effects.
  • Increase ATK of the monster equipping this card by 1000 until your End Phase.
  • Switch ATK/DEF of 1 monster on the field until your End Phase.
  • All damage to your LP become 0 during this turn.
  • Damage 800 LP directly to your opponent.
Description: Art's description
Sets With This Card: Masked Rider Den-O
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Other Card Information:

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