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A Booster Pack formed by a Diabound Archetype and its forms. Diabound has its normal form, and 5 other forms a stronger than another and with more and more purposes. The card "Diabound Kernel King" is a special achievement for the Booster Pack, was never released in other packs or Decks.

DCP-001 Diabound Kernel

DCP-002 Diabound Kernel Form 1

DCP-003 Diabound Kernel Form 2

DCP-004 Diabound Kernel Form 3

DCP-005 Diabound Kernel Form 4

DCP-006 Diabound Kernel Form 5

DCP-007 Diabound Kernel King

DCP-008 Dark Spirit of Kul Elna

DCP-009 Spirit Shield

DCP-010 Mirror Tablet

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