Dimension Collector Pack is a special booster pack by 0123456789 The Great. Released in both TCG and OCG.


  • Focuses on the ARC-V era.
  • Feature a "Shortened Text" for Japanese text.
  • Include non-fanmade cards.
  • Include members or support for "Supreme King", "Lunalight", "Windwitch", "Lyrilusc", "Magician", "Pendulum", "The Phantom Knights", "Speedroid" and "Predaplant".
  • All cards are gauranteed Super Rare or greater, withsome Paralell Rare



  • Each carton (A big box consisting of the sealed booster boxes) will contains 20 boxes.
  • Each box contains 20 packs.
  • Each pack consists of 5 cards
    • 1 Paralell Rare
    • 2 Super Rares
    • 1 Ultra Rare
    • 1 Secret Rare.
  • Some of the higher rarities may be replaced by an even higher rarity.
    • Ultra Rare may be replaced with Ultimate Rare.
    • Secret Rare may be replaced with Extra Secret Paralell Rare
  • Each pack will not contains 2 copies of the same card.

Card List

To be completed


Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity
DCMP-JP001 Magician's Possession 魔術師の憑依 Super Rare
DCMP-JP002 The Phantom Knights' Possession 幻影騎士団憑依 Paralell Rare
DCMP-JP003 Speedroid Possession SR憑依 Paralell Rare
DCMP-JP042 Predaplant Possession 捕食植物憑依 Paralell Rare
DCMP-JP005 Timeguardian Magician 時盾の魔術師 Super Rare
DCMP-JP006 Resonance Magician 共振の魔術師 Super Rare
DCMP-JP007 Duelist Alliance デュエリスト・アドベント Extra Secret Parallell Rare
DCMP-JP008 The New Challengers ネクスト・チャレンジャーズ Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP009 Secrets of Eternity ザ・シークレット・オブ・エボリューション Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP010 Crossed Souls クロスオーバー・ソウルズ Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP011 Clash of Rebellion クラッシュ・オブ・リベリオン Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP012 Dimension of Chaos ディメンション・オブ・カオス Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP013 Breakers of Shadow ブレイカーズ・オブ・シャドウ Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP014 Shining Victories シャイニング・ビクトリーズ Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP015 The Dark Illusion ザ・ダーク・イリュージョン Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP016 Invasion of Venom インベイジョン・オブ・ヴェノム Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP017 Raging Tempest レイジング・テンペスト Super Rare
Secret Rare
DCMP-JP018 Maximum Crisis マキシマム・クライシス Super Rare
Secret Rare
DMCP Odd-Eyes Starving Dragon 覇王飢竜 オッドアイズ・スターヴィング・ドラゴン Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Extra Secret Paralell Rare
DMCP Odd-Eyes Radiance Dragon 覇王輝竜 オッドアイズ・ラジアンス・ドラゴン Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Extra Secret Paralell Rare
DMCP Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon 覇王烈竜 オッドアイズ・レイジング・ドラゴン Extra Secret Paralell Rare
DMCP Under the Lunalight アンダー・ザ・ムーンライト Ultra Rare
DMCP Lunalight Fusion
DMCP Winter's Windwitch ウィンターズ・ウィンド Ultra Rare
DMCP Lyrilusc Paradise リリクル・パラダイス Ultra Rare
DMCP Rank-Up-Magic The Phantom Knights' Force RUM-幻影騎士団の魔力 Super Rare
DMCP Speedroid Over Limit SRオーバーリミット Super Rare
DMCP Predaplant Fusion 捕食植物融合 Super Rare
DMCP Dimension Dragon's Will