Dragon Goddess - Jungle
Creator Blackstone Dresden
Attribute Earth Earth
Type(s) [ Dragon/Synchro/Effect ]
Level 12 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 4500 / 4000
Blank Dragon Synchron + Either Revealed High Queen, Tara and 1 non-Tuner monster OR Vampiric Ilana

This card can only be special summoned by synchro summon. When this card is synchro summoned, both you and your opponent gain 200 life points. As long as this card is on the field, destroy all Dark-attribute monsters with "General" in their names. Your opponent loses 100 life points for each monster destroyed like this. This card can only be destroyed by Apocalypse Demon, Aryos. When this monster is destroyed, remove it from play to gain 400 life points and Special Summon as many monsters whose names include "Cursed", "Hidden", "Revealed" or is named "Vampiric Ilana" as possible to your side of the field. This card gains 500 ATK and DEF points if Dragon God - Storms is on your side of the field.

Description A green serpentine dragon with bark around each of her six legs and on her horns. In each of her legs is a spear and Blank Dragon Synchron is wrapped around her tail. The background is her flying over a forest
Sets Dragon Royalty
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