Kidmaximum's Sets
Day of the Duel Weapons, Wild Duelists, Crisis Events
Duel Items

Duel Items are a new card type, with their own set of rules. They were created by Kidmaximum to expand the Yu-Gi-Oh! advanced gameplay. Duel Weapons are GOLD COLORED cards. To use them you need to know the rules! Look Below!


The Rules of Duel Items [v.1]:

1. Duel Items go in the Extra Deck

2. Once you meet the requirement you can activate a Duel Item. First you pay the costs then you place the Duel Item in a vacant Spell or Trap Card zone, the Duel Item stays there untill it resolves. Duel Items go to your Graveyard after they resolved.

3. Duel Items are not Spell/Trap/Monster Cards, they have their own support and negators.

4. Remember that Duel Items require ADP, the only way to get ADP is if you have a Duel Weapon


Spell Broom

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