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Duel Weapons

Duel Weapons are a new card type, with their own set of rules. They were created by Kidmaximum to expand the Yu-Gi-Oh! advanced gameplay. Duel Weapons are METAL COLORED cards with, instead of monster levels they have a MAXIMUM ADP (Active Duel Points). To use them you need to know the rules! Look Below!


The Rules of Duel Weapons and their ADP (Active Duel Points) [v.4]:

1. Duel Weapons go in the Extra Deck

2. Each player can only have 1 Duel Weapon in his/hers extra deck, although you can have others in your sidedeck.

3. Duel Weapons are not Spell/Trap/Monster Cards, they have their own support and negators. A face-up Duel Weapon cannot be destroyed, unless by a card effect that has that effect. A destroyed/negated Duel Weapon will go the Graveyard/Removed From Play and does not return face-down in your extra deck at the end of the end you Duel Summoned.

4. Once per turn, instead of a normal summon, you can place 1 Duel Weapon face-up on top of your extra deck, this is called a Duel Summon. At the end of the turn you Duel Summoned your Duel Weapon will return face-down in your extra deck, unless a card effect states otherwise!

5. You start your Duel with 0 ADP, just like you start with 8000 Lifepoints. You note down your ADP just like you note down your Lifepoints!

6. The ADP (Active Duel Points) bar placed under the name of the Duel Weapon (same place where the levels/stars of monsters are), is the Maximum amount of ADP allowed for that player! So choose your Duel Weapon carefully! If you are to exceed your MAXIMUM ADP then no worries, all extra ADP vanishes until you have exactly your Duel Weapons MAXIMUM ADP!

6. Duel Weapons increase their ADP most of the time by themselves! But there are other support cards, like powerful Spell/Trap or Monster Cards to do that as well!!! Those support cards often have the text Reveal your Duel Weapon from your extra deck... Which means you show your opponent the Duel Weapon, so he/she knows what your maximum ADP is.

7. When reached enough ADP you can activate effects, written on the Duel Weapon, or on a effect Monster/Spell/Trap or Duel Item Card. The only way to decrease ADP are by card effects/costs!


Supreme Robotic Arm

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