The E-Knights

The E-Knights

The Elemental Knights are an all Level 9 Fusion Monster Card Set, that can be Fusion Summoned by fusing 1 "Headless Knight" and 1 Level 6 or higher monster. They have quite low ATK and DEF for Level 9 monsters, but make up for that by having very strong and useful effects. Their strength mostly lies in their diversity as for the only thing that they have in common which each other is that they need "Headless Knight" to be Fusion Summoned. There are 6 different Elemental Knights, 1 for each Attribute (excluding DIVINE) and they seem to appose most common use for that Attribute. (Like Silphan seems to appose the Lightsworns, a much used LIGHT only Meta.) Another advantage they have is that they have a not clearly specivied Fusion Materials, making Super Polymerization another Fusion option to run.

Playing StyleEdit

The Elemental Knights mostly resembles a Anti-Meta style with Fusion aspects, because most of the E-Knights is a anti-version of their Attribute's usual archetype. (Silphan against Lightsworns and Fairies, Rioku against Ice Barrier and Swarming and Carnum against DAD.) Also using Super Polymerization to steal your opponent's Trump monsters and Summoning your own can work really demoralizing to your opponent. You should also add "Knight of Justice" as "Headless Knight" replacement and to stop your opponent from Special Summoning.


The main weakness of the E-Knights is that they are totally relying on "Headless Knight" and "Knight of Justice" to be Fusion Summoned. And this style also assumes that your opponent is using a Meta Deck, if your opponent is using some other kind of strategy. Then the cards become almost useless. Also comes that most of the E-Knight have higher ATK then DEF (except for Silphan), so they can easily be destroyed while they are attacking. And cannot be brought back from the Graveyard , thought to they only can be Fusion Summoned.

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