Well, this is the page for the "Elemental Princesses", a new booster pack I'm working on. I've finished the main monsters of the packs, and now I'm going to think of some more all new monsters. Right now, it's not even close to being finished.

Monster Cards

Xayena Princess of the Void-ELPR-RD000 (Secret Rare)

Meyara Princess of the flames-ELPR-RD001 (Secret Rare)

Wanira Princess of the Earth-ELPR-RD002 (Secret Rare)

Kiara Princess of the light-ELPR-RD003 (Secret Rare)

Varisa Princess of the water-ELPR-RD004 (Secret Rare)

Timera Princess of the Wind-ELPR-RD005 (Secret Rare)

Zaquida Queen of All Elements-ElPR-RD006 (Ultimate Rare)

Spell and Trap Cards

The Queen's Elemental Stir-ELPR-RD007 (Ultimate Rare)

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