• Cover Card is "Universal Apocalypse".
  • Focus on cards that OTK.
  • Deity Rare, where the whole card is shiny like a Parallel Rare, have holographic icons like an Ultimate Rare, but faded image like a Ghost Rare.
End of the Universe
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ETUV-EN000 Universal Apocalypse Secret Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN000 Universal Apocalypse Deity Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN001 Player Possessor Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN002 Gambler of Death Common Normal Monster
ETUV-EN003 Suicide Bomber Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN004 Infernal Death Kaiser Common Effect Monster
ETUV-EN005 Super Rare Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN006 Rare Dragon Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN007 Ultra Rare Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN008 Secret Rare Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN009 Triumphal Secret Rare Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN010 Judge Bribe Common Effect Monster
ETUV-EN011 Success Bribability 100% Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN012 Life Point Halver Common Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN013 Life Point Infection Common Continuous Spell Card
ETUV-EN014 Life Point Blast Common Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN015 Ojama L.P.B. Common Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN016 Robbin' Life Points Common Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN017 Professional Goblin Thief Common Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN018 Serious Bribe Deity Rare Normal Spell Card
ETUV-EN019 Superancient Olddead King Hamlet Super Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN020 Crush Deck Virus Deity Rare Normal Trap Card
ETUV-EN021 Miller of the Ages Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN022 Macro Blastos Rare Normal Trap Card
ETUV-EN023 Venom Burner Rare Continuous Trap Card
ETUV-EN024 Antifreezer Rare Effect Monster
ETUV-EN025 First Turn!? Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card

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