Discover the history of the Monarchs of the Twilight Dynasty. Summon the mighty ancestors of the Monarchs and their potent guardian, the Twilight Emperor Dragon, or ressurect an army of undead warriors to invoke the power of the new Vampire Synchros. The lost power of the Twilight Emperors can be yours!

  • New support for Monarch Control decks
  • Support for various Zombie themes and Synchro versions of the Vampire couple
  • A powerful new Plant-Type monster
  • New royalty-themed cards, including two brand-new Noblemen
  • The rest of the Planetary Agent series
  • TCG debut of Bakura's Dark Sanctuary card
Set Specifications
  • Set ID: EPOT
  • Cover Card: Aiden - Patriarch of the Twilight Dynasty
  • Set Size: 51
  • Rarity Breakdown: 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ghost Rare, 5 Ultra Rare, 8 Super Rare, 12 Rare, 25 Common
  • Card Type Breakdown: 27 Monsters (24 Effect, 3 Synchro), 12 Spells, 12 Traps
Card List

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