"The Era of the Cyber-Tech" Deck...

This deck took me about three-four months to finish but i think i made it out all right. This is my first deck ever made, focused around Machine-type monsters and the ability not to be removed from play. It's fairly allright i guess :P.

Certain Monsters: upgraded versions (For example: CyberHunter - Advanced CyberHunter or Future City Guard - Future City Pyroguard )

Other Notable things: you don't have top say the "Cyber-Tech" part when summoning, fully optional in my view.

Structure Deck Monster Image: Cyber-Tech FlameMan

Followed by Booster-Pack: Dawn of the Cyber-Tech Era

Maxuz 21:04, 14 August 2008 (UTC)
Era of the Cyber-Tech
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Category
CT001 Blaize FlameMan Effect Monster
CT002 Cyber-Tech FlameBot Effect Monster
CT003 Cyber-Tech FlameMan Effect Monster
CT004 Cyber-Tech FlameMan Unmasked Effect Monster
CT005 Cyber-Tech Stealth Unit Effect Monster
CT006 Cyber-Tech CyberHunter Normal Monster
CT007 Cyber-Tech Jackal CyberHunter Effect Monster
CT008 Cyber-Tech Android Commando Effect Monster
CT009 Cyber-Tech Android CyberHunter Effect Monster
CT010 Cyber-Tech Assault Unit Effect Monster
CT011 Cyber-Tech Cyborg Normal Monster
CT012 Cyber-Tech Full Cyborg Solider Normal Monster
CT013 Cyber-Tech Ancient Hunter-Killer Effect Monster
CT014 Cyber-Tech Cyber Android Effect Monster
CT015 Cyber-Tech Cyber Assassin Effect Monster
CT016 Cyber-Tech BattleCruizer Fusion Monster
CT017 Cyber-Tech JetSpeeder Effect Monster
CT018 Cyber-Tech E-SpaceJet Normal Monster
CT019 Cyber-Tech Future City Guard Effect Monster
CT020 Cyber-Tech Modern Android Effect Monster
CT021 Cyber-Tech Renegade Commando Effect Monster
CT022 Cyber-Tech Advanced Stealth Unit Effect Monster
CT023 Cyber-Tech G.A.A.W Tank Normal Monster
CT024 Cyber-Tech Advanced CyberHunter Effect Monster
CT025 Cyber-Tech Future City PyroGuard Fusion Monster
CT026 Cyber-Tech Advanced G.A.A.W Tank Effect Monster
CT027 Cyber-Tech Nuclear Solider Effect Monster
CT028 Cyber-Tech Advanced E-SpaceJet Effect Monster
CT029 Cyber-Tech Era - Future City One Spell Card
CT030 C-Tech Science - True Protector Spell Card
CT031 C-Tech Enhancement - Piercer Arm Spell Card
CT032 Machine Type: Alpha-Construct Spell Card
CT033 Cyber-Tech Era - Edge of Future City Spell Card
CT034 Payback in Cyber Trap Card
CT035 BlaizeArmor Release Trap Card
CT036 Machine Type: Advance Reconstruction Trap Card
CT037 C-Tech Weapon - Renegade Blaster Trap Card
CT038 C-Tech Weapon - Fusion Blaster Spell Card
CT039 C-Tech Weapon - Magic Buster Spell Card
CT040 Machine Type: 100% Repairs Trap Card
CT041 Restructured Armor Trap Card
CT042 Defensive Crush Trap Card
CT043 Damage Booster Effect Monster
CT044 Super-Charged Attack Spell Card
CT045 Shield Hologram Trap Card

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