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The Evil Synchros are a series of monsters whose names come from the fact that they are evil versions of Synchro Monsters used by the protagonists of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, most notably the Signer Dragons. None of these monsters are Synchros themselves, but there are a few Dark Synchro Monsters in this series. They borrow traits from the "/Assualt Modes," "Malefics," and "Evil Heroes." Most Evil Synchros can only be Summoned by "Evil Synchronization." The strongest Dark Synchros require a specific "Evil Tuner" monster, a specific "Evil Synchro" monster, and an additional monster. One monster also employs Dark Double Tuning. All Evil Synchros are DARK, being 2 Levels higher and 500 ATK and DEF stronger than their original forms. The effects of the Evil Synchros are reversed effects of the originals; for example, "Stardust Dragon" sacrifices itself to protect other monsters, but "Evil Synchro - Stardust Dragon" sacrifices other monster to keep itself alive.

Current Monsters:

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