"Fear of the Future" is J0V1's second Booster Pack. It consists some new Archetype. Some of the cards in this pack are random cards. Most of the cards are used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Remix. This Set is preceded by New Heroes Emerge!!

NOTE: Images I use for my card's artwork don't belong to me.
Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Fear of the Future
  • Set Prefix: FEAR
  • Release Date: 3 October, 2008 - ongoing
  • Legal for Local Events: Never
  • Legal for Premier Events: Never
  • Cover Card: Enity Magician Lord
  • Sneak Preview Participant Card: Dragon of the Underworld
  • 9 cards per pack, 30 packs per box.
  • Includes at least 60 cards and at most 100 cards.
  • Introduces several cards used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Remix.

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