Fiend Monsters are a particularly nasty type of card to face. Fiends also power up from the "Yami" Field Spell Card, and since many Fiends are Dark, also get a boost from "Mystic Plasma Zone". Many have effects that limit the opponents options, though they have to be sent to the Graveyard in order to work.

Popular Fiend Archetypes include Archfiends, Dark World, and Evil Heroes. "The Wicked Avatar" and its support cards also fall under Fiend-Type monsters in addition to LV monsters such as Dark Lucius LV4, and Dark Mimic LV1. In the OCG, Fiends are called Demons.

Notable Fiend-Type Monsters
* Chaos Necromancer

Support Cards
* Bark of Dark Ruler

* Exile of the Wicked

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