Force of the Phoenix!

This booster pack is my own creation Ive been working on this pack for a while a I finally finish it. This booster pack is really focus on Phoenix and it's powers.

Rarity Edit

5 Secret Rares

7 Ultimate Rares

12 Ultra Rares

7 Super Rares

9 Rares

31 Common

Force of the Phoenix!
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
FPX-000 Phoenix Secret Rare Effect Monster
FPX-001 Phoenix Fox Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
FPX-002 Phoenix Queen Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
FPX-003 Holy Phoenix Ultra Rare Effect Monster
FPX-004 Phoenix Chick Common Effect Monster
FPX-005 Phoenix Princess Super Rare Effect Monster
FPX-006 Phoenix Girl Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
FPX-007 Phoenix Blade Master Super Rare Ritual Monster
FPX-008 Phoenix Dragon Rare Fusion Monster
FPX-009 Phoenix Host Common Ritual Monster
FPX-010 Steel Phoenix Common Normal Monster
FPX-011 Inferno Phoenix Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
FPX-012 Phoenix Swordmistress Common Ritual Monster
FPX-013 Guardian of the Phoenix Common Effect Monster
FPX-014 Phoenix Brother Super Rare Effect Monster
FPX-015 Sync Phoenix Common Normal Monster
FPX-016 Synchro Phoenix Rare Synchro Monster
FPX-017 Warrior of the Phoenix Common Effect Monster
FPX-018 Phoenix of the Harp Common Effect Monster
FPX-019 Grand Sky Fire Phoenix Secret Rare Effect Monster
FPX-020 Phoenix of Hope Common Effect Monster
FPX-021 Water Phoenix Rare Effect Monster
FPX-022 Snow Phoenix Common Effect Monster
FPX-023 Ice Phoenix Common Effect Monster
FPX-024 Blue Phoenix Rare Effect Monster
FPX-025 Phoenix Child Super Rare Effect Monster
FPX-026 Kung-Fu Phoenix Common Effect Monster
FPX-027 Phoenix Magician Common Effect Monster
FPX-028 Phoenix Warrior Common Effect Monster
FPX-029 Phoenix Stallion Common Normal Monster
FPX-030 Phoenix of Ice and Snow Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
FPX-031 Phoenix of Wind Rare Ritual Monster
FPX-032 Dark Phoenix Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
FPX-033 Darkness Phoenix Ultra Rare Effect Monster
FPX-034 True Phoenix Secret Rare Effect Monster
FPX-035 White Phoenix Common Effect Monster
FPX-036 Phoenix Wolf Common Fusion Monster
FPX-037 True Dark Phoenix Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
FPX-038 Phoenix Force! Ultra Rare Spell
FPX-039 Phoenix Fusion Super Rare Spell
FPX-040 Phoenix Nebula Super Rare Field Spell
FPX-041 Phoenix Atlar Common Ritual Spell
FPX-042 Take by the Heaven of Phoenix Rare Quick-Play Spell
FPX-043 Rise of Phoenix Rare Spell
FPX-044 Wrath of the Phoenix Rare Spell
FPX-045 Symbol of the Phoenix Common Continuous Spell
FPX-046 Wings of the Phoenix Common Equip Spell
FPX-047 Dark Phoenix Fusion Common Spell
FPX-048 Tragic of Phoenix Common Spell
FPX-049 Rose of the Phoenix Rare Quick-Play Spell
FPX-050 Power of the Phoenix! Secret Trap
FPX-051 Phoenix Moon Rise Common Field Spell
FPX-052 Phoenix Guard Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
FPX-053 Roar of the Phoenix Common Spell
FPX-054 Cry of the Ice Phoenix Common Spell
FPX-055 Soaring Phoenix Common Spell
FPX-056 Fallin Phoenix Ultra Rare Spell
FPX-057 Phoenix Blast! Ultra Rare Spell
FPX-058 Shimmering Phoenix! Common Spell
FPX-059 Reform Phoenix Common Quick-Play Spell
FPX-060 Fly Away Phoenix! Ultimate Rare Trap
FPX-061 Spirit of the Phoenix Rare Counter-Trap
FPX-062 Prymold of the Phoenix Super Rare Continuous Trap
FPX-063 Return of the Phoenix Common Trap
FPX-064 Rebirth of the Phoenix Super Rare Trap
FPX-065 Phoenix Embers Ultra Rare Trap
FPX-066 Revoke Phoenix Common Counter-Trap
FPX-067 Phoenix Dark Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
FPX-068 Release the Phoenix! Ultimate Rare Trap
FPX-069 Shadow of a Phoenix Ultra Rare Trap
FPX-070 Commission Phoenix Common Ritual Monster
FPX-071 Phoenix Magician Girl Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
FPX-072 Dark Magician Girl 2 Secret Rare Effect Monster
FPX-073 Phoenix Ultimate Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster

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