Fox Fire #2
USA English: Fox Fire #2
JPN Japanese: きつね(おき)()
JPN Phonetic: Kitsune Okibi
JPN Translated: Blazing Kitsune
Creator: Danny Lilithborne
Card Attribute: Fire Fire
Card Type(s): Pyro/Effect
Level: Level 4 StarStarStarStar
ATK/DEF: 1800/2000
Card Lore: If this card is returned from the hand, field or Graveyard to your Deck by your opponent's card effect, you may Special Summon it to the field with its DEF halved. If you Special Summon the card in this way, it gains the following effect while face-up on the field: Each time your opponent draws card(s), they must first discard the top card from their deck.
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