The Freud's Garden Beasts are a Family of monsters introduced in "Return to the Dark Age". All of them are EARTH and Beast-Type monsters. These monster's effects resolves around tokens that themselves produce: Herbal Tokens (When they were created, the original name of the tokens was "Hemp Tokens", but I supposed that name was so offensive). "Herbal Tokens" can't be tributed for Tribute Summon, but you can "fly" with them using the powerful effects of the "Freud's Garden Beasts". Also, when you have "The Freud's Garden", your opponent won't know what to do with your tokens: if kill them and lose Life Points doing this, or let them alive and be prey of them.




Freud's Garden Cards

Freud's Garden Processor - Freud's Garden Consumer - Freud's Garden Shaman - Freud's Garden Infiltrate

Freud's Garden Tourist - Freud's Garden Farmer - Freud's Garden Aggresor - Freud's Garden Distributor

Freud's Garden Great Cape

Support Cards

The Freud's Garden - After the Rave - Psychodelic Blooming - The First Dose

Negative of the Cape - Overdose - Escape from Capture - Share the Blow

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