Gaia FORCE is the first starter deck created by StarlightSG, which includes Gaia Spirit cards, used by Ryou Hideki in StarlightSG's fanfiction, Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE! The starter deck contains:
1 Ultra Rare card
2 Super Rare cards
37 Common cards


Contact StarlightSG if you would like to help create cards for the Gaia Spirit archetype, to be added to this starter deck!
Helpers: StarlightSG

(FTCG - English)
Starter Deck
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
GIFE-EN001 Gaia Spirit ABSOLUTE - Ragna Ultra Rare Effect Constellation Monster
GIFE-EN002 Chibi Gaia Spirit - Oram Super Rare Effect Constellation Monster
GIFE-EN003 Chibi Gaia Spirit - Erod Super Rare Effect Constellation Monster
GIFE-EN004 Gaia Spirit Haidka Common Effect Monster Card
GIFE-EN005 Gaia Spirit Raidka Common Effect Monster Card
GIFE-EN006 Common
GIFE-EN007 Common
GIFE-EN008 Common
GIFE-EN009 Common
GIFE-EN010 Common
GIFE-EN011 Common
GIFE-EN012 Common
GIFE-EN013 Common
GIFE-EN014 Common
GIFE-EN015 Common
GIFE-EN016 Common
GIFE-EN017 Common
GIFE-EN018 Common
GIFE-EN019 Common
GIFE-EN020 Common
GIFE-EN021 Common
GIFE-EN022 Common
GIFE-EN023 Gaia Spirit Takedown Common Cometshower Spell Card
GIFE-EN024 Common
GIFE-EN025 Common
GIFE-EN026 Common
GIFE-EN027 Common
GIFE-EN028 Common
GIFE-EN029 Common
GIFE-EN030 Common
GIFE-EN031 Common
GIFE-EN032 Common
GIFE-EN033 Common
GIFE-EN034 Common
GIFE-EN035 Common
GIFE-EN036 Common
GIFE-EN037 Gaia Shield Common Cometshower Trap Card
GIFE-EN038 Nebula Drain Common Counter Trap Card
GIFE-EN039 Nebula Drain Common Counter Trap Card
GIFE-EN040 Common
GIFE-EN041 Common
GIFE-EN042 Common
GIFE-EN043 Common