Gale of Time (GLOT) is the 1st booster pack released for my upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh Fictional Fan-Fic Yu-Gi-Oh! Time Team This set will include some support for Gladiator Beast, Lightsworn, Destiny Hero, and more. It will also have the new monster sets; the Timestream and Data. It also features some Tuner and Synchro monsters, Psychic monsters, and more will come later. Plus some other cards (maybe from Anime and Manga). And finally contains support cards for the Monarchs .


Set Specifications


Set Name: Gale of Time 「忘却の穴」
Set Order: 'F207
FCG Realease Date: July 23, 2008

FCG Set Size: <b>70 Cards (70 Cards in Master Set)
FCG Breakdown:

 ? Ritual Spell, ? Field Spell, ? Quick-Play Spell

FCG Rarity Breakdown:

Gale of Time - American FCG Gallery

Gale of Time
(FCG - American)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
GLOT-EN??? Timestream Sorcerer Holographic Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN??? Wyrmlord of Salamandra Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN??? Machine King Battlesuit Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN??? Destiny Hero - Darksky Super Rare Synchro Monster
GLOT-EN000 Data Cyclerider Secret Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN001 Data Guard Common Normal Monster
GLOT-EN002 Data Knight Common Normal Monster
GLOT-EN003 Data Marksman Common Normal Monster
GLOT-EN004 Data Spy Common Effect Monster
GLOT-EN005 Volcanic Archfiend Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN006 Imperial-Blade Templar Super Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN007 Destiny Hero - Glider Common Tuner Monster
GLOT-EN008 Marshland Dragon Common Effect Monster
GLOT-EN009 Magimechanic Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN010 Dark Exxod Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GLOT-EN011 Timestream Cerberus Common Effect Monster
GLOT-EN012 Timestream Charmer Common Effect Monster
GLOT-EN013 Timestream Rider Rare Effect Monster