Generation Duelist is my second fanfic comic that I've drawn out. Generation Duelist is a spin-off of Yugemon GX! I didn't post cuz I finish it,but I will when I'm done with Generation Duelist I'll post up Yugemon GX!

A little history is really a crossover of both Yugioh and Pokemon which me and my friend both enjoy both, but Yugioh took over most of the story so the movies will involve Pokemon and 1st movie I personally wrote, but the rest my friend wrote. Basically Generation Duelist starts off from where Yugemon Gx! leaves off where Shanoske and his friends enrolls into Duel Academy after 3 years off separation of the group. Now Shanoske and his friends decides to enrolls into Duel Academy hopefully to take time for being kids.

Shanoske's major challenge is raising his 12 year-old daughter Natasha Lashay along with his girlfriend Danielle.

Thanks to a age growth due to Danielle's power of the Phoenix and pass on to Natasha age her quickly with in months.

While Shanoske dealing with his' daughter his friend Tatyana or Kitty also has her own problems with her 6-year old son Kabia Jr. the son of Seto Kabia.

Now Shanoske and his friends are dealing with life and challenges in Duel Academy Read and Found out what will happened to them.

Right now it's only 52 chapters I'll update soon as possible. And a Christmas Special, Plus 2 movies which the links are here

And here's the site with the bio history still updating

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