Generation Next is a created booster pack by Arielby. Most of the cards were first seen in Pojo: Evil Heroes Cybers

Card BreakdownEdit


0 Parallel Rare

1 Ghost Rare

2 Ultimate Rare

16 Secret Rare

19 Ultra Rare

5 Super Rare

9 Normal Rare

8 Common


41 Monster (1 Normal, 1 Effect, 0 Ritual, 0 Fusion, 0 Synchro)

18 Spell (0 Normal, 0 Equip, 0 Continuous, 0 Quick-Play, 0 Field, 0 Ritual)

2 Trap (0 Normal, 0 Continuous, 0 Counter)

List of CardsEdit

GEX-000: Elemental Dragon - Lord of Earth

GEX-001: Thunder Knight Normal Filler A knight that strikes as fast as lightning and equally fiercely

GEX-002: Berserk Golem Normal Filler This juggernaut had gone berserk and it crushes everyone nearby with its Rocket Punches

GEX-003: FSS-99 Challenger Normal Filler A Spaceship of the Space Federation that can travel at 1000 times the speed of light. It's twin laser cannons easily devastate other spacecraft

GEX-004: ? Normal Filler

GEX-005: ? Normal Filler

GEX-006: Superthunder FS-48

GEX-007: LT-1 Laser Satellite

GEX-008: T-3 Satellite Ion Cannon

GEX-009: LT-6 Sattlite Laser Array

GEX-010: Satellite Launch

GEX-011: Cyber Phoenix Dragon - Orion

GEX-012: Cyber Dragon V0

GEX-013: Cyber Dragon V1

GEX-014: Advanced Cyber Dragon

GEX-015: Final Cyber Dragon

GEX-016: Upgrade

GEX-017: Urah - The Dragon Hunter

GEX-018: Evil Hero Inferno Lady

GEX-019: Evil Hero Swamp Fiend

GEX-020: Tribute Fiend

GEX-021: Lightning Soldier Thunderblaster

GEX-022: Lightning Soldier Blitzstriker

GEX-023: Lightning Soldier Chaostorm

GEX-024: Lightning Soldier Thunderstorm

GEX-025: Great Lightning Dragon

GEX-026: ?

GEX-027: ?

GEX-028: ?

GEX-029: ?

GEX-030: ?

GEX-031: ?

GEX-032: ?

GEX-033: ?

GEX-034: ?

GEX-035: ?

GEX-036: Proto-Cyber Phoenix

GEX-037: Cyber Phoenix V1

GEX-038: Advanced Cyber Phoenix

GEX-039: Final Cyber Phoenix

GEX-040: ?

GEX-041: ?

GEX-042: ?

GEX-043: ?

GEX-044: ?

GEX-045: ?

GEX-046: ?

GEX-047: ?

GEX-048: ?

GEX-049: ?

GEX-050: ?

GEX-051: ?

GEX-052: ?

GEX-053: ?

GEX-054: ?

UCS-055: ?

GEX-056: ?

GEX-057: ?

GEX-058: ?

GEX-059: ?

GEX-060: ?

GEX-061: ?

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