Creator Feldoh
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
You can only activate this card's effect if you tribute "The Sanctuary in the Sky", and destroy at least 4 cards on your side of the field. The following effects apply according to the conditions on your side of the field. This card name is treated as "The Sanctuary in the Sky"

1 Fairy monster-Battle Damage to the controller of a Fairy-Type monster from a battle involving that Fairy-Type monster becomes 0. 2 Fairy monsters-Your opponent cannot summon a monster whose level is more than five. 3 Fairy monsters- This card cannot be destroyed by a card effect. 4 Fairy monsters- Once per turn, you can special summon on Fairy-Type monster from your graveyard. If a monster cannot be special summoned, you may tribute all Fairy monsters on your side of the field to summon it. 5 Fairy monsters- Once per turn, you may remove the top card of your opponent's deck from play. 5 Fairy monsters+3 set spell or trap cards- Tribute all cards on your side except this card to special summon "God's Spirit" to the field from your hand or deck.

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