Hero's Judgment
USA English: Hero's Judgment
JPN Japanese: ヒーローの判断
JPN Phonetic: Hiiro no Handan
Creator: Valon25
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Continuous Continuous
Card Lore: You can only activate this card when you have 5 or more "Elemental Hero" monsters in your Graveyard. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can look at one monster in your opponent's hand and select it. Remove from play, an "Elemental Hero" monster with the same Level as the selected monster, and destroy cards on your opponen't side of the field equal to that Level.
Description: Elemental Hero support card
Sets With This Card: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Limited - YGXP - EN001
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Other Card Information:

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