Heroes Power is a Structure Deck created by J0V1, focusing on new Elemental Heroes and their support cards.

Deck Specifications

TCG Card Galleries:

Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
HRPW-EN001 Elemental Hero Neos Common Normal Monster
HRPW-EN002 Elemental Hero Clayman Common Normal Monster
HRPW-EN003 Elemental Hero Sparkman Common Normal Monster
HRPW-EN004 Elemental Hero Avian Common Normal Monster
HRPW-EN005 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Common Normal Monster
HRPW-EN006 Elemental Hero Bubbleman Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN007 Elemental Hero Necroshade Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN008 Elemental Hero Stratos Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN009 Elemental Hero Captain Gold Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN010 Elemental Hero Prisma x 3 Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN011 Elemental Hero Voltech x 2 Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN012 Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN013 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN014 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN015 Neo-Spacian Glow Moss Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN016 Neo-Spacian Gran Mole Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN017 Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN018 Neos Wiseman Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN019 Yubel Common Effect Monster
HRPW-EN020 Elemental Hero Synchron Common Tuner Monster
HRPW-EN021 Super Polymerization Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN022 Miracle Fusion Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN023 Heavy Storm Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN024 Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN025 Polymerization Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN026 Dark Fusion Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN027 Dark Calling Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN028 Miracle Fusion Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN029 Skyscraper Common Field Spell
HRPW-EN030 Breaking the Rules Common Continuous Spell
HRPW-EN031 Future Contact Common Quick-Play Spell
HRPW-EN032 Fake Hero Common Normal Spell
HRPW-EN033 Hidden Enemy Common Quick-Play Spell
HRPW-EN034 Teleportation Common Continuous Spell
HRPW-EN035 Power of Heroes Common Continuous Trap
HRPW-EN036 Last Hope Common Continuous Trap
HRPW-EN037 Collusion Common Normal Trap
HRPW-EN038 Hero Reflect x 2 Common Counter Trap
HRPW-EN039 Hero Spirit Common Continuous Trap
HRPW-EN040 Hero Counter!! Common Counter Trap
HRPW-EN041 Elemental Hero Lightningman Common Fusion Monster
HRPW-EN042 Elemental Hero Captain Airman Common Fusion Monster
HRPW-EN043 Elemental Hero Electrum Common Fusion Monster
HRPW-EN044 Evil Hero Element Master Super Rare Fusion Monster
HRPW-EN045 Elemental Hero God Neos Super Rare Fusion Monster
HRPW-EN046 Elemental Super Hero Ultra Rare Synchro Monster

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