Herr Monsters are an Archetype included in Duels of Destiny: Special Edition 01. This cards have low ATK/DEF points but it will be increased for each End Token on the field. These End Tokens can only be summoned when the Herr monster is summoned and the opponent has 3 unnocuppied Monster Card Zones. If the Herr monster destroys all 3 End Tokens by battle and send to the Graveyard, the controller wins the match.

Monsters Edit

SPED1-001: Abschluss End Token

SPED1-002: Aquoruom, Herr Regen

SPED1-003: Anbruch End Token

SPED1-004: Fulgoren, Herr Licht

SPED1-006: Igndaer, Herr Feuer

SPED1-008: Terrastrom, Herr Boden

SPED1-011: Zwischenspiel End Token

SPED1-013: Tenebrox, Herr Dunkel

SPED1-015: Ventrus, Herr Eitelkeit

SPED1-B01: Abgott, Herr Tempus

SPED1-B03: Geirrt, Herr Tempus

SPED1-B08: Herr Tempus Verfechter

Magics Edit

SPED1-005: Herr Axt

SPED1-009: Herr Messer

SPED1-B02: Bereich of the Herr Tempus

SPED1-B04: Herr Forces Confrontation

SPED1-B06: Herr Tempus Massive Forces

SPED1-B07: Herr Tempus Rage

Traps Edit

SPED1-007: Herr Tempus Counter

SPED1-010: Herr Tempus Ignition

SPED1-012: Herr Tempus Resurrection

SPED1-014: Herr Tempus X-Proteccion

SPED1-B05: Herr Regenerative

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