Hierarchy of the Underworld
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
HAUW-EN000 Inferno Fiend of Sinful Flames Secret Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN001 Inferno Fiend Common Normal Monster
HAUW-EN002 Sinful Flames Common Normal Monster
HAUW-EN003 Fire Tuner Common Tuner Monster
HAUW-EN004 Skull Tuner Common Tuner Monster
HAUW-EN005 Perfected Prototype Cyber Dragon Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN006 Fire Effigy Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN007 Water Effigy Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN008 Wicked Flame Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN009 Third Class Imp Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN010 Second Class Fiend Super Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN011 First Class Archfiend Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN012 Chthonian Knight Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN013 Inferno Knight Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN014 X Gadget Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN015 Y Gadget Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN016 Z Gadget Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN017 Gadget Summoner Super Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN018 Dragon of Wicked Flames Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN019 Spirit of the Underworld Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN020 Slavebot Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN021 Ghost Bus Tear Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN022 Blister Machine Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN023 Blizzard Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN024 Armageddon Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN025 Chaos Effigy Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN026 Desert Effigy Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN027 Steam Effigy Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN028 Elemental Effigy Super Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN029 Samsara Frog Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN030 Samsara Knight Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN031 Time Bomb Common Effect Monster
HAUW-EN032 Toon Time Wizard Super Rare Toom Monster
HAUW-EN033 Torment Armor Super Rare Union Monster
HAUW-EN034 Enenra Common Spirit Monster
HAUW-EN035 Goryō Common Spirit Monster
HAUW-EN036 Hitodama Common Spirit Monster
HAUW-EN037 Kyūketsuki Super Rare Spirit Monster
HAUW-EN038 Ryu Ryu Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
HAUW-EN039 Dark Flame Rare Fusion Monster
HAUW-EN040 Evil Inferno Fiend Rare Fusion Monster
HAUW-EN041 Burnout Dragon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
HAUW-EN042 Master of the Felgrand Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
HAUW-EN043 Peasant Common Story Monster
HAUW-EN044 Gladiator's Redemption Rare Continuous Spell Card
HAUW-EN045 Spiritual Summon Common Continuous Spell Card
HAUW-EN046 Sword of the Underworld Rare Equip Spell Card
HAUW-EN047 Underworld Hierarchy Common Field Spell Card
HAUW-EN048 Thunderous Negation Common Quick Play Spell Card
HAUW-EN049 Battery Bomb Common Trap Card
HAUW-EN050 Downdrift Super Rare Trap Card
HAUW-EN051 Accelerator Reload Common Continuous Trap Card
HAUW-EN052 Dark Flame Chaos Blaze Boost Rare Continuous Trap Card
HAUW-EN053 D.D. Overlord Secret Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN054 Gladiator Beast Ulysses Secret Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN055 Zeroth Class Ultimate Archfiend Secret Rare Effect Monster
HAUW-EN056 The Unnamed Spirit Secret Rare Spirit Monster
HAUW-EN057 Negative Class Ultimate Archfiend Ha Des Secret Rare Fusion Monster
HAUW-EN058 Forbidden! Secret Rare Quick Play Spell Card
HAUW-EN059 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Ritual Secret Rare Ritual Spell Card
HAUW-EN060 Negate Activate Secret Rare Counter Trap Card

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